Wolf by Dakota Cassidy, Kira Stone, Marteeka Karland and Sierra Dafoe

Title: Wolf
Author: Dakota Cassidy, Kira Stone, Marteeka Karland, and Sierra Dafoe
Publisher: Changeling Press
Publication Date: August 12, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60521-546-4
Genre: Erotic Romance, Collection, Paranormal; Werewolves; Magic
Length: 248 pages
Author Website:
Author Email:
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: Anal/oral play, GLBT, foursome, sex with human while shifter is in animal form
Reviewer: TJ
Date: October 9, 2011

Werewolves are tenacious creatures, hunting their prey -- and their lovers -- with deadly accuracy.

Rarely do they miss their mark. Give that wolf a human form and he's almost invincible. Except when it comes to matters of the heart. Their lovers aren't the type to submit easily. It will take all their skills -- both human and lupine -- to get what they want. But then, they never settle for anything less…

Werelock by Dakota Cassidy
Addison Ross agrees to go on an All Hallows Eve pumpkin picking expedition to appease her niece and nephew. Hoo boy does she ever pick a winner. Beneath her pumpkin lies a talisman that brings the delish Caleb Marsden into her life. Caleb Marsden, the werelock…

Wild Ones by Kira Stone
Bitten by a ferocious wolf, Billy's need for solitude leads him to carve out a territory in the Canadian wilderness. Luc's small pack is made up of weres with the ability to control the elements. They need
Billy to complete the circle… but first the Wild Ones will have to
catch him…

The Witching Hour by Marteeka Karland
Hazel really wants to be the witch her Grandma always said she could be.
Unfortunately, though her spells always work, they never quite work the
way they're supposed to. Drake, the hunky werewolf next door, has an
appetite for a certain witch… and it's all for her own good.
After all, who ever heard of a virgin witch?

Wolf Bound by Sierra Dafoe
When Jenna's lover strands her on a ski slope in the Canadian
Rockies, an enigmatic lone wolf rescues her -- only to transform into a
naked, stunningly sexy man! Now Jenna is faced with a bitter dilemma:
if she stays, she'll be putting his life at risk. If she leaves, it's his heart she'll be destroying…

Werelock is a fresh and fun read. Addison and Caleb make a wonderful couple and their Halloween adventure provided me with some steamy moments and quite a few chuckles. Every character in this story is so completely developed from the big bad demon, to the annoyingly honest children. This author has a spot on my favorite list and this story confirms why she is there. This is a five-star story and I just know I will read it over and over again, perhaps making it my own holiday tradition.

Wild Ones is a spiritual shifter short full of action and folklore. It is raw and magical and completely mysterious. I love how I was drawn into the pack and how protective I felt towards Billy. Luc is a wonderfully complex hero and his genuine affection for Steve and Jacques is palpable. The unusual dynamics of the relationship easily fall into place and feel right. I enjoyed how in-depth Luc’s feelings and sentiments were and I appreciated the glimpses into the emotions of the newly turned Billy.

The Witching Hour is a fabulous fun and flirty story. I cannot describe how much I adore Hazel and Drake and all the fellow inhabitants of their delightful town. I am still chuckling over the groping Drake was subject to by the feisty seniors in his apartment building. I have to say that to be completely honest I wish there had been a warning that the story involved sex while the shifter was in animal form with the partner in human form, personally this is too taboo for me and I honestly wish it had not been included as it greatly diminished my enjoyment of an otherwise fantastic tale.

Wolf Bound is an unusual story with an amazingly detailed heroine. Jenna is a strong and intelligent character who finds herself in circumstances beyond her control. I found the erotic interaction between animal and human to be way too uncomfortable to be enjoyable and wish the sexual contact had solely occurred when both parties were in human form. I really wish that I could have gotten glimpses into our hero’s thoughts and feelings. My enjoyment in a story comes from a connection with the characters and I was unable to truly connect with this wild wolf with so much potential.

Overall Wolf is an interesting collection that admirers of our fine furry friends will love to add to their collection.

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