Learning to Fly by Melissa Snark

Learning to Fly
By: Melissa Snark
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published: September 7, 2012
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Content: M/F, Oral Sex
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Marchelle
Date: July 18, 2014


Cassandra Claeys is a bohemian artist with a passion for shoes and architecture. Her past wasn't pretty and she's got the scars to prove it, but she's determined to live and love again and she's hoping her newest client is just the man for the job. But the crazed serial killer that once held her captive escapes from prison, willing to kill again to make his maniacal fantasies come true.

Architect Kyle McCloud hires the fiery redhead to illustrate his latest project, never dreaming that she would bring passion and danger to his door. Cassie is easily spooked and as flighty as one of his injured birds, but he's willing to work overtime to make her soar for him alone.

Cassie is on the run from a serial killer who escaped from prison after kidnapping and torturing her several years ago. She runs straight to Kyle McCloud, who is supposed to be her new employer. He knows immediately that something dark haunts her and he's determined to help her. Lucky for them both, Kyle's twin brother Kieran is a former Army ranger and now owns a security firm. With the McCloud brothers working to keep her safe, she may get out of this alive.

I really enjoyed the motherly housekeeper, Shelly Arthur. She and her husband Henry, the groundskeeper, took care of Kyle and Kieran after their parents died tragically when the boys were only sixteen. Now, as grown men, their interaction with Shelly is teasing and loving while still respectful. She is outspoken and demanding as only a mother would be. I laughed out loud at her manipulation when presenting Kyle with forms to sign, putting him on a waiting list with an exclusive nanny agency, even though he has no current prospects for a wife and no plans for children in the near future. Yet, he still signs the papers.

The hawk rescue was an interesting part of the story. Early in the story, Kyle is called out to save an injured hawk. He nurses it back to health until it is ready to be set free to fly again. His actions with the hawk is symbolic of his relationship with Cassie. He is also helping to save her, while drawing her out of her shell and helping her to trust again so she is free from the past and ready to give love as well as accept it. As successful as he is with the hawks, it gives the reader hope that he is the right man for the job with Cassie as well.

"Learning to Fly" is very well written with a solid story line and like-able characters. There are a couple of times, it alludes to a woman in Kieran's life, hopefully setting up the next installment.

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