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Primal Instinct by Helen Hardt

Title: Primal Instinct

Author: Helen Hardt

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Publication Date: July 2010

ISBN: na

Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifters

Length: 24 pages

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Rating: 5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Spicy, hot, erotic

Other: Explicit language, anal play/sex, ménage

Reviewer: Starla Kaye

Date: 7-26-10

“She’d never imagined falling in love with two men…the idea seemed not only plausible but necessary.”

Erin Monroe is tired of men who are married, gay, or brainless boobs. She just wants time by herself; learn to live as a happy single woman. Never would she have imagined falling in love with two men…two very special men.

Nick Foster and Landon Kay are unique in their pride of lion shapeshifters. They are best friends and both dominants. As such they are destined to share the same mate, a human woman, who will bear their children or their line will die out. But when they find her, they have to prove that not only can they both make exquisite love to her at the same time, but also they are the men destined to be her mates.

Primal Instinct is seriously primal, seriously hot. You’ll need a fan, a cool drink, and time to sit and just enjoy the short read.

Dream Come True by DC Juris

Title: Dream Come True

Author: DC Juris

Publisher: Breathless Press

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Rating: 4 Diamonds

Heat Level: Spicy Erotic

Other: M/M

Reviewer: S. K. Fero

Date: 7-26-10

Sometimes dreams can come true. Such a nice thought, but in this story they did.

Jinsu had been a favored emperor’s guard on his world of Torottu until he started having visions of another man, in another place. Visions are considered a sign of insanity and yet he is desperate to leave his world. He must find this man he believes is bound to him in some way.

Tristan had created his perfect mate as a cover art character for a friend’s novel. He becomes haunted by dreams of the man he’d created. He begins to worry about his sanity; longing for this dream man he has named Jinsu. Then Jinsu shows up where he works one day and both of their lives change forever.

This is a very short story, but the characters are fairly well developed. The conflicts, based upon their different worlds and beliefs, are believable. The sex is hot.

Love Bites by Margie Church

Title: Love Bites

Author: Margie Church

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

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Heat Rating: Spicy

Rating: 5 Diamonds

Reviewer: Sky

Date: 7/26/10

Jui Fabrice, successful executive, is traveling on the European continent when she encounters Wade Kairos. The handsome stranger attracts her attention immediately, although she is already contemplating a relationship with a coworker who her father, and employer, highly approves of. Although Wade sends mixed messages, neither can forget the other. But Wade can’t have a relationship with a human—for this vampire the penalty would be death.

Ms. Church writes an exciting tale of romance on two continents. Her characters move and dance around each other in an appealing dance that will have the reader wondering how the story can possibly end. Her vampires are definitely not the kinder, gentler blood drinkers that are in many books these days. Wade is a creature of passion and excitement and, yes, some violence. Jui is a woman of the world, not a naïve shrinking violet, and when they get together the sparks fly.

Fans of Ms. Church’s Allaire books will want to snap this book up right away and plan to curl up and enjoy it. I made the mistake of starting it when I had work to do…anyway, good book and the work got done…eventually. I only hope there will be a sequel because I miss Wade and Jui already.

Seven for Seduction by Celine Chatillon

Title: Seven For Seduction

Author: Celine Chatillon

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Publication Date: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-59578-690-6

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 142 pages

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Rating: 4 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic

Other: oral play

Reviewer: Gabrielle


When Brent is hired at the travel office he finds himself the only male and the object of everyone’s desire. That is except for Jodi and that is exactly what he wants until he has to work with her. Will Jodi and Brent find a happy ever after or are they both to hurt by their pasts to try again?

This was a sweet romantic story. I enjoyed Jodi, she is a strong woman. Brent is a warm and loving man. And, the two are a wonderful couple. Watching them begin to have feelings towards each other was a nice read. As both Jodi and Brent try to deal with their pasts and their feelings about each other, they must also help others deal with their problems. It was also nice to read about all the other characters in the story as well. From the other women in the office to Gramps, each one has their own story to tell.

Brent’s Grandfather is a wonderful man who endears himself to the reader. Seeing each character grow and learn about themselves’ makes this book a nice read. The bond that the women have was a nice touch. They stand by each other no matter what.

What begins as a simple bet on girl’s night out turns into something much more in the end. Celine Chatillon does a good job in pulling the reader into the story. With characters full of emotion and a well-written plot this book should not be missed.

Strapless by Honoria Ravena

Title: Strapless

Author: Honoria Ravena

Publisher: Breathless Press

Publication Date: August 6, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-926771-62-5

Genre: Contemporary

Length: 2,003 words

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Rating: 5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Hot erotic

Other: F/F

Reviewer: S. K. Fero

Date: 7-19-10

If you want to read something very short, something hot, and something fun, then this story is for you.

Nadia has just ended an engagement to a man too attached to his mommy. She likes men, but she’s decided to take a break from them for the moment. Elisheba, her friend who has seen her through this breakup, is bisexual and has been attracted to Nadia for a while. She suggests trying something different to Nadia, to get her mind off the breakup. And something that will give both of them great pleasure. Why not?

The story is very short, the characters barely developed, and there isn’t really much conflict. But…so what! Sometimes you just need a good, hot, quick read.

Please Welcome Ambrielle Kirk

1. Tell us your latest news.
A Player’s Agenda, an erotic romance, is my first release from Breathless Press. The story is a glimpse into what happens when two people can no longer deny a blazing attraction to each other. I have two other works contracted with Breathless Press, a paranormal romance and another erotic romance.

2. What initially inspired you to become an author?
Reading inspired me to become an author. The writers I read had given life to their own characters and I loved reading about them, but I wanted to create my own. About three years ago, I had these characters in my head and a premise and I pulled out my laptop and began their stories. Three months later, I had a full length novel. It was then when I decided I wanted to write towards publication rather than just for my own eyes.

3. What is your favorite book? And Why?
I have many favorites. When people ask me that, my mind goes wild with the books on my “read” list and the books sitting on my bookshelf as “keepers”. I do favor a certain genre and that is paranormal romance. I absolutely love a paranormal series with worlds I can get lost in. Any book that can have me online or in the book store searching for the next installment only hours after I’ve just finished the previous is a favorite of mine.

4. Do you have a particular time of day to write? We love to hear about a writer’s process.
I write everyday toward the goal of completing a WIP. If I only have enough time in the day to plot, then I do that. I estimate that I write anywhere from 30 to 40 hours a week, while holding onto a full time day job and juggling life itself. I’ve learned that most of my inspiration comes before noon and late in the evening. The majority of my past projects were a result of outlining and pantsing. With my next projects, I hope to lean towards more plotting in the beginning stages.

5. What do you find to be the most difficult part of writing?
The most difficult part of the writing process for me is determining when my project is as perfect as it can get and ready to submit to editors/publishers and agents. I tend to over-analyze things too much.

6. Do you have a favorite author?
I have so many favorite authors that I cannot begin to pick just one. A collection I have thoroughly enjoyed is Anne Rice’s vampire/witch books. I can read this collection over and over again and never get tired of her craft. Ironically another favorite author of mine also writes about vampires and she is LA Banks. I devoured her vampire huntress legend series and still panted for more.

7. Tell us about your first published work.
A Player’s Agenda released by Breathless Press is my debut erotic romance. Something I haven’t shared yet anywhere to anyone is that the couple in this book is actually from one of the first romances I ever wrote. Therefore, this book is the prequel to the beginning of their romance story.

8. Do you have a favorite of your own works?
Honestly, right now, all of my works are my favorite. I really enjoy telling my character’s stories. I don’t continue writing anything that I have no passion to write about.

9. Where can our readers find you on the web?
Twitter: @ambriellekirk
Email: ambrielle(dot)kirk(at)yahoo(dot)com

10. Where can they buy your books?

11. Anything you would like to add?
Thanks for interview and chance to connect with readers. I hope you enjoy reading my book releases as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Between Love and Lust by Nikko Lee

Title: Between Love and Lust

Author: Nikko Lee

Publisher: Carnal Desires Publishing

Publication Date: January 2009

ISBN: 978-1554046331

Genre: Paranormal

Length: 219 pages

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Rating: 3.5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Erotic

Other: Forced Seduction, BDSM, M/F, F/F, Spanking, Voyeurism

Reviewer: Finn

Date: 7/13/2010

All vampires hunger for blood, but for Mika the pleasures of the flesh are as nourishing as blood. Since the start of her unlife, she has indulged her need for carnal satiation. After the death of her mater-sire, she began to comprehend the complexities of the political struggles embroiling the clans of Haven, and now that knowledge fascinates her. While deep with the slums controlled by Clan Corbius, Mika meets a handsome and dangerous exile who is as renowned for his fighting skills as his ability to seduce. Hail McMahon is as sexy as he is unpredictable, and with his aid, Mika is able to escape from the territory of Clan Corbius after a mysterious attack by a mob of crazed vampires.

The world building in this book was absolutely fantastic but also its downfall. The first half of the book repeatedly gets bogged down with intricate details and explanations. So much so, a less determined reader may give up. However, I implore you, stick it out and the payoff is wonderful. I really got a good sense of the characters in the latter half of the novel more than I did the first half. Well worth the read if you're a determined reader such as myself. The conclusion felt a little rushed, however, I understand this is the proposed first book in a series. I eagerly await the next book.

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