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Graceful Mischief by Melinda Barron

 Title: Graceful Mischief
Author: Melinda Barron
Publisher: Loose Id
Publication Date: October 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59632-182-3
Genre: Romance, BDSM, and Holiday
Length: 24 pages
Heat Level:  Erotic
Other:  anal/oral play, sex games, BDSM, ménage
 Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 12/29/10
This Halloween, Grace gets a wonderful trick from her , Toffer. Taking the night off to spend some time with Grace, Toffer gives her a task to do in minutes. Depending on how well she does her task, she can earn a treat or get a trick. Yet Grace knows that his tricks are as good as his treats. Hopefully Grace and Toffer will be having a great time this Halloween night.
Grace and Toffer are a great couple. Graceful Mischief  lets us in on one of the adventures of the characters Toffer and Grace that were introduced in the book Graceful submission.  The bond that these two have shines throughout the story. I enjoyed the love you can see they have for one another.
Graceful Mischief is a story that had me right from the start. I loved that Grace is a full-figured woman who has the love of a good man.  The confidence he helps instill in her makes for a great read. Melinda Barron has built a wonderful world with Grace and Toffer, and I cannot wait to see if we get to read more of their adventures.

Author's Demise by Franny Armstrong

Title: Author’s Demise
Author: Franny Armstrong
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60435-678-6
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Thriller
Length: 405 pages
Heat Level: Sensual
Other:  Oral
Reviewer: Cassandra Parker
Date: 10/27/2010

“The CEO of Brinkman-Bonnette Publishing, Lana Anderson, is a psychic with telekinetic abilities. When her emotions run out of control she blows up electronics and makes dishes fly or smash into pieces. With a serial killer out to get her, she finds her family, friends, authors and staff members in grave danger and sets out to stop them at all costs.
Undercover cop, Brett Colton, is hired by the Lana's boss to protect her. Doing his best to elude a tail, Brett sees a stunningly beautiful woman waiting for an elevator and uses her to hide in plain sight, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. It turns out that she's his client and he's able to read her mind, dogging her every step as he fights to keep her safe.
They lose their hearts to each other while trying to figure out who among her staff members is the true killer. When Lana is kidnapped, Brett rushes to save her, praying that he'll be in time to stop the killer from acting out the scene from a novel that twisted the mind of a child and created the ultimate murderer.”

This book was good but it ran a little long for me. I really enjoyed the premise and was interested by the story line but a good chunk of the middle was unnecessary and made the story drag. The tension came back at the end when the story was wrapping up though so that made up for it. I liked both of the main characters but since the story dragged on I felt like a lot of their conversations/actions, became a little repetitive. Also, this might have just been a formatting issue, but this story had really short scenes that became really annoying and pulled me away from the story. Lana’s ability was an interesting addition to this story and added a lot of humor to this piece. I found Brett’s ability to read Lana’s mind a little odd because of it was limited to her and it was an unprecedented ability. Still they made a very sweet couple and were fun to read. I gave this book 3.5 diamonds because it was good read but it could have been better.

Three's Not a Crowd by Doreen DeSalvo

Title: Three’s Not A Crowd
Author: Doreen DeSalvo
Publisher: Loose Id
Publication Date: October 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59632-289-9
Genre: BDSM
Length: 31 pages
Heat Level: erotic
Other:  anal/oral play, BDSM
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 12/13/10
Kate and Jake are up for a little fun this Halloween. When they meet up at the costume party they find Jeremy who is more than ready to play.
This story is another adventure for these two characters from the book Once a Thief.  Jake and Kate enjoy a Dom and sub relationship. Although Jake is a bit too arrogant for me it was nice to see how trusting and knowing they were of each other even when they bring in another person into the picture.
With an interesting twist in the end Three’s Not A Crowd is a fast paced read that brings a new feel to costume parties. Making you wonder just what other people are hiding under their costumes at the next party that you attend.

Hawkeye Two: Bend Me Over by Sierra Cartwright

Title: Hawkeye Two: Bend Me Over

Sierra Cartwright
Publisher: Loose Id
Publication Date: November 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60737-442-8
Genre: BDSM, Romance
Length: 154 pages
Author Email- website contact
Heat Level:  Erotic
Other:  anal/oral play, BDSM
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 12/28/10
Aimee is not happy when she has a break in at her house and her sister insists that Hawkeye send an agent to her house to be her bodyguard. Trace Romero is none to happy either. He would rather be on assignment somewhere in the jungles but when he meets Aimee he finds a feisty woman who may just have the same interests as he does.
Hawkeye Two: Bend Me over had me intrigued right from the start. Trace is a wonderful Dom who has just found himself a perfect submissive but he must convince her first. Aimee is a smart woman who decides to take a chance on happiness and blossoms under Trace’s love. The two find a great balance and play off of each other very nicely. Watching their relationship grow was a nice read. I just loved the banter that these two share and I adored the escapades of Aimee’s parrot and Trace.
Sierra Cartwright does a wonderful job of keeping the reader entertained from start to finish. With characters full of emotion and depth this is a book that should not be missed and it is a great addition to this series.

Getting to know PJ Schnyder

Welcome PJ Schnyder!

1. Tell us your latest news. There’s plenty of exciting news to kick off the new year!
At Decadent Publishing, the first of the Terra’s Guardians series is going to print! Heart’s Sentinel will be released to print in the Spring.
I’ve also got a brand new sci-fi romance story coming out with Carina Press. Hunting Kat is scheduled for release in July.

2. What initially inspired you to become an author? I’ve been writing stories for a long time, since childhood. I’d never considered publishing my stories until the last year or two.
Friends online wanted me to share my stories. I wanted to improve my writing craft, challenge myself and learn more. The idea of sharing my stories, becoming a published author, took a surprisingly strong hold.
I had a big life change in January of 2010 and threw myself into my writing and into the idea of becoming a published author. Writing happily ever afters for readers to enjoy is incredibly therapeutic.

3. What is your favorite book? And Why? So many to choose from! If you look at my book shelves, you can tell which books I’ve read again and again. For some well-loved favorites, I’ve picked up the hard cover for a lasting collectible.
Why? Because they are stories of worlds so complete, of plots so compelling and of characters so vivid that I return over and over again to immerse myself.
There’s Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy and Patricia Briggs’ urban fantasy and older fantasy stories. Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern, Crystal Singer and brainship books have all been long time escapes for me. Lisa Kleypas’ Wallflowers have swept me off to England and Lora Leigh’s Nauti Boys and Breed series wrap me up in heat. I love them all!

4. 4. Do you have a particular time of day to write? We love to hear about a writer’s process.
While I don’t have a set time of day to write, I do most often find the time at night after the day job is wrapped up. I tend to head off to mixed martial arts training for a few hours to work off the stress of the day and then come home and take a long, hot shower, mulling over the next scene I’m going to work on. (Love my showers)
I sit down to my laptop, relaxed and refreshed, with a clear idea of the scene I’m going to write.

5. What do you find to be the most difficult part of writing? Knowing when to step away.
The scenes never come out as well when you force them. In the day job, I’m ruled by deadlines and I tend to want to apply that discipline to my writing. But I’ve found the stories flow much better at their own pace rather than forced. If the scene I planned to write doesn’t want to come to me, I switch to something else or take a break.

6. Do you have a favorite author? Wow, it’s impossible to pick just one. I have several favorites, each for a different aspect of their writing.
While I love Anne Bishop, I also can’t get enough of Lisa Kleypas, Kelley Armstrong, Patricia Briggs, Nalini Singh and Lora Leigh.

7. Tell us about your first published work. Heart’s Sentinel is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans rebuild cities of advanced technology and shape-shifters restore the wilds of nature. I love shapeshifters and the possibilities of a futuristic world. Beyond that, I also tapped into the strength it takes to survive.
Mackenzie of Heart’s Sentinel never wanted to be a shapeshifter. After a shifter stalks and brutally Changes her, she runs to the jaguars of River Gap pride for protection from the stalker still searching for her, to come to terms with the attack and learn to control her new, powerful cougar body.
Learning self-defense and awareness are very important. In January 2011, I participated in a women’s self-defense workshop held by TriState Martial Arts Academy and gave away a free ecopy of Heart’s Sentinel with a signed cover flat to one of the attendees.

8. Do you have a favorite of your own works? Honestly, no. I love every one of my stories for their own characteristics.

9. Where can our readers find you on the web?
I’m all over the social media. LOL!

10. Where can they buy your books? All of my current releases can be found at:

11. Anything you would like to add? Thank you to Got Romance Reviews for having me!

Claiming Earth: Delori Connection: Book 4 by Loribelle Hunt

Title: Claiming Earth:  Delori Connection: Book 4
Author: Loribelle Hunt
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59578-712-5
Genre: Science Fiction, BDSM
Length: 69 pages
Heat Level: Erotic
Other:  anal/oral play, BDSM
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 12/26/10
In this continuation of the Delori Connection series we meet Janice and Falkor. Janice is a strong willed woman who has been deceived for most of her life and has done many a wrong but now wishes to right it all. When she meets Falkor she looses her heart and yet she knows that it can never be. Once he sees the real her he will know what a bad person she is and he will leave her once and for all but Falkor has other plans for Janice. He is on a mission to prove to her that she is worth his love and he will never leave her side.
The bond that grows between Janice and Falkor is a nice read. I enjoyed watching Janice learn to trust and let herself love again without any fear. The two make a good couple as each begins to understand and work with the other.
Claiming Earth is a well-written and fast paced book that keeps your attention until the end. Loribelle Hunt brings her characters and worlds to life making this a book that many will enjoy.

Owen's Christmas Boot by Stephanie Beck

The pups were sleeping. Was there a better sound? If there was, Owen hadn’t heard it yet. His aunts had kicked him out of Mona and Chris’ house hours before, so the new family could get some rest, but there was no damn way he was leaving his alphas unprotected with new pups in the house. Chris and Mona needed to be parents for the night, not worry about assholes. That’s where Owen, as head enforcer for the Haven Pack came in. He not only enjoyed dealing with assholes, he also took great pleasure in ripping said assholes new ones.
He turned over on the sofa, watching the fire as it burned down. He was going to have to grab more wood before long. The house didn’t rely solely on the blaze’s heat, but it sure as hell took the edge off on nights like this. It was bitter outside, but he wasn’t going to let his new nieces feel that cold. No sir. There might not be a whole lot he could do for them at the moment, but safe and warm, those were things he could do.
Owen perked up to attention. One of the babies had sighed. Maybe they needed him. He jumped to his feet and headed to the bedroom. From the door, he could see Chris and Mona beneath their blanket with the babies between them. He crept out of the room. The last thing he wanted to do was fluster either new parent. They knew he was there—there was no question of that—but knowing he was there and actually having to acknowledge his presence were different things.
Checking the fire again and turning on the Christmas tree lights for fun, Owen headed past the kitchen and toward the porch. The woodpile on the porch was half depleted, and with a whole night ahead of him, Owen decided a good Christmas gift for the family would be to replenish the wood. He could keep an eye on things and still be useful. He grabbed Chris’ work coat and headed out into the cold.
It was freezing, but when Owen took a deep breath, he enjoyed the bite. Winter in Pennsylvania was supposed to be cold, and this year was living up to expectations. In the dead of night the blankets of snow made the surroundings relatively silent. It was nearly eery how quiet the surrounding space was, but Owen liked it. Peace and quiet wasn’t usually his thing. In fact, he had a pile of new, loud and violent video games waiting for him at his house. They would wait, though, until Mona was feeling better and Chris had a chance to bond with his daughters. Then Owen would hole up with a couple of cousins and play games until their eyes burned.
He was on his third trip when he heard it. The sound was nearly tinkling, but that didn’t make it any less of a threat. He tossed aside the wood and tried to pinpoint exactly where the sound was coming from. There were other Weres in the area, he knew, but none of them were sending up any alerts. He wasn’t about to cause a stir and chance alerting Mona or Chris until he knew what the threat was. The sound came again, just a whisper of a tinkle and this time, he knew where it was coming from.
The roof.
“No fucking way,” he muttered. Visions of baddies trying to come down through the chimney filled his head, and Owen ran inside.
He kept his feet silent upon approach. After the last few weeks of added surveillance and the actual fight with Mona’s family, he was more than ready to kick ass again. Fighting was like sex: the more a guy had, the more he wanted. When he turned the corner, the scent of the spices Mona used baking the day before messing with his nose, he was ready to attack.
The red suit was odd, but the bent over ass made a target Owen wasn’t about to pass up. He couldn’t risk changing and alerting the intruder to his presence so Owen jumped instead, crossing the distance of the living room with a single bound. If he’d have been a wolf, Owen would have bit the guy in the ass—instead he booted him straight in the backside, knocking the intruder into the mantle of the fireplace.
“What the hell? Owen Myters, don’t you have enough sense not to attack Santa Clause on Christmas Eve?”
Owen froze, getting a full look and finally smell of the intruder lying on the floor. He wasn’t human, not wolf, and sure as hell wasn’t anything else Owen had ever encountered. The guy actually smelled like gingerbread and the tinkle Owen thought he’d heard before actually came directly from the man.
The red covered man pushed to his feet, holding his hand up toward the bedroom as he moved. “Shut up, will ya? I’ve got Mona and Chris in a sleep, but with new pups they could break my magic pretty easily.”
“Oh yeah.” That made sense. “Sure, no problem. What are you doing here?”
Santa rolled his eyes and gathered a sack Owen hadn’t noticed. “There are two children in this house. What do you think I’m doing here?”
“Cool. What did you bring the girls? I got them dollies and stuffed squirrels. Beat that.”
Santa chuckled, and Owen felt momentarily drawn in by the sound. The man in red wasn’t exactly like the books and songs said. He was younger, slimmer and didn’t have a beard either. Those things could have been off putting, but there was something about Santa that brought out all the feelings Owen had always expected if he ever met Santa.
“Don’t worry. The little ones are going to adore you much more than they ever will the likes of me,” Santa said. “And the trinkets I brought are only the start of teaching goodwill and selfless love. I only have one night to show those things, but you and the rest of the pack will reinforce the lessons for the other three hundred and sixty four days a year.”
Owen watched the not-chubby man place two small packages under the Christmas tree. The first time he remembered a gift from Santa, he’d been maybe four. It had been a hard year for all the Weres, the crops failing and no one doing well, but there had been blocks and other little toys under the tree for all the pups. In the years following, the simple, but usually most fun toys always came without a ‘from’ tag. He’d always known the man in red had something to do with it. The gifts stopped when he was seventeen and he’d missed them.
“You didn’t need them anymore, Owen,” Santa said, tossing the now empty sack over his shoulder. “Some kids need gifts for years, others not so much. I was happy to bring you the toys you asked for. Visiting pack pups has always been one of my very favorite things. I look forward to years of visiting these two little ones and their brothers and sisters to come. Now, if you’d get busy finding a mate, I could visit your place again too. I hear you’ve got some good video games.”
“You could always bring me a mate,” Owen offered with a grin. “You know, like the old days.”
The soft red glow from the fireplace partially lit Santa’s face as he added a few treats to the stockings hanging there. A quiet change overtook him, and Owen froze, not only sensing the difference, but understanding that it was important. “She’s out there for you, Owen Myters, looking for you every day. She won’t find you in Haven. You’ll find her in the West—not what you expect, but exactly who you need.”
The air in the room dropped in temperature, and the fire flickered before Santa came back to himself. His words had been prophetic and interesting, but the whole ambiance had made them excessively creepy. The mystery girl could wait.
“She will wait,” Santa said, the clandestine aura gone, replaced with the affable elf once more. “I’d say she’s a bit young now, anyway, but what the hell do I know about love? I’m head over heels for a succubus stripper librarian so I sure as heck know better than to cast stones. But maybe wait a year or two, and take a long road trip to the West Coast. It wouldn’t hurt anything.”
Owen nodded. He could do that.
“But in the meantime, do me a favor and don’t mention kicking me in the ass,” Santa said, standing directly in front of the fire. “I get enough shit from my friends in New York, adding a booting from a werewolf isn’t something I’d like to do at this point.”
“Sure Santa,” Owen replied. “No problem.”
Santa sighed, and Owen figured the sainted guy had seen through the lie. Of course Owen was going to tell everyone he knew and probably a few strangers about getting the drop on Santa and booting him in the ass.
“At least I tried.” Santa shrugged. “Take care of those little nieces of yours. See you next year—or rather, I hope I don’t see you next year—sneaky, damn Weres.”
In a blink, Santa was gone, and Owen was left in the living room surrounded by the scent of cinnamon and gingerbread. He opened and closed his eyes a few times, trying to get his bearings, and when he did, he noticed a third gift under the tree. It was smaller than the other two he’d seen Santa deposit, and when he crouched closer, he saw his name was scrawled in perfect script across the tag.
The clock struck midnight, announcing the beginning moments of a new Christmas. The tinkling was gone and Owen knew Santa had passed by, probably off to the neighbor’s house where several pups were waiting.
Owen sat beside the tree and pulled out the little gift. In the morning he’d go to his mom’s place and exchange a few gifts with his siblings, but this was something different, something completely special he’d never thought he’d get again.
He opened the sides of the gift carefully, the thick paper holding its shape even after Owen pulled the small box out of its confines. His hands quivered a little, and he shook his head. A mighty werewolf, brought low by a little paper and a bow.
Inside the box was tissue paper, but below that was a picture. The woman in it was small to the point of being impish. Even her ears were slightly pointed, but her eyes were all werewolf. Was this the one who was already looking for him? He tilted the picture toward the fire to get a better look. Santa was right about the age thing. If the picture was recent, she was pretty young. Still, she was mighty cute. He tucked the picture in the breast pocket of his shirt, and smiled when he realized he’d put her close to his heart. She could stay there until he was good and ready to find her.

Find Stephanie Beck at her website,

Mona is an assassin. Since her fifteenth birthday her life has been nothing but hunting and killing. That changes when she realizes she needs more to her life and decides to start her family. In quitting her job, Mona finds herself also fleeing from her pack mates, dead set on keeping her at her post.
Her journey leads her to Pennsylvania where another pack of werewolves resides. Pregnant and due soon, Mona is out of places to run, and Haven Pack Alpha, Chris Myters, is all too happy to to have her land in the comfort and support of his pack.
Between baking, surveillance and falling in love, Mona and Chris get ready for the approaching holiday with the Pack. When Mona's past comes back to haunt her, she will have to trust her new pack.

Christmas in Chains

by Seleste deLaney

Since becoming a vampire, especially since I was brought here, time has little meaning. Christmas, however, always brings a special surprise.
The first year of my imprisonment, hot pokers were driven into my flesh so I would understand what my victims felt if I didn’t glamour them when I fed. The lesson repeated the next year, along with my first bath in holy water—in case the first time didn’t convince me to be kind unless there was cause to be cruel. The next year, I spent Christmas day chained in the garden, just within the shadow of its walls, where the sun could sear my flesh without destroying it so I would remember that no matter how strong I think I am, there’s always something stronger.
It was by those memories I counted the years here. A dozen so far, and judging by the decorations draped luridly about the place, number thirteen was fast approaching. I gave up begging for release after the first five years. Now I alternated between hoping to survive and praying for death.
Today, I leaned toward the former. I wanted to live…just not here. Not anymore.
There were no more lessons I could learn. Even if there were, I didn’t want those answers. I had enough nightmares to last me several centuries.
The stones of the hearth bit into my bare knees as I scrubbed at the marble inside the fireplace. Silver chains clinked at my wrists and ankles. Resting on my heels, I wiped the back of my hand across my forehead.
“You missed a spot.” Remus’s voice grated on the last of my frayed nerves.
Snapping would do no good though, especially not with Christmas and my annual “gift” right around the corner. So I choked on the retort and clenched my shackled hands into fists, trying to calm myself. “Where?”
“Don’t growl at me, Maxmillian. To your left.”
A faint smudge of soot marred the very edge of the marble. Movements rough, I scrubbed at the spot until it disappeared. “Is that all, Remus?”
“I’m tired of talking to your back. Turn around.”
As always, the order, issued with complete calm, made me bristle. Part of me wanted to defy him, but my back still stung from the last time he’d reminded me who was in charge. So I turned and stared brazenly at him. I’d tried playing the whipped puppy; it didn’t get me anything, so I didn’t bother anymore.
Remus lounged on a red velvet couch, his robe gaping open to reveal flawless pale skin. I knew he thought it made him look irresistible. I resisted anyway. And I never found it all that difficult. He twirled a finger in his hair, looking almost coy for a moment. I must not have responded the way he planned, because he sighed and lay back on the couch. “I’m chilled. Start a fire, would you?” He turned toward me, his gaze even.
I tried to stay calm, but my muscles bunched. And my captor simply smiled at me. Of course he would notice. He always noticed. “You just had me clean the fireplace, Remus.”
He waved a hand lazily. “Yes, and now I want a fire. Build it and you can be free for the evening.”
All I wanted to do was race across the room and sever his head from his shoulders, but I knew better than to try that again. The next time I tried to kill Remus, he couldn’t see it coming or I’d fail. “Right away.”
I built the fire and had it blazing in minutes. Then he had his guards take me below ground and chain me to the ceiling. “Enjoy your Christmas Eve,” one of them growled as he yanked the chains over my head and stalked out, slamming the door and leaving me with only the light of the moon filtering through the barred window.
This was my reward. Not freedom by any standards I used to know, but I was away from Remus for a few blessed hours. Sometimes that was enough. Straining against my bonds, I could just see the moon outside my cell. A connection to the outside world—tenuous though it was—like a cruel lover, disappearing when I needed her touch most.
My muscles taut and trembling with the agony, I muttered prayers as I did every moment I spent alone—for life, for the lives I’d taken, for release, for death, for the death of Remus, and for the ability to kill him myself.
“I cannot help you with the killing, but I can get you out of here.”
The tiny voice in my right ear jerked me from my meditation, my arms screaming as I stood upright. “Who? What?”
The voice by my ear laughed and in a flurry of wings revealed itself as a shadow in the moonlight. “I am Janiqua, and I can spring you from this prison, Vampire, but you will owe me a favor in return.” She fluttered back to land on my arm, barely five inches tall, with brown hair and dragonfly wings that glittered in the pale light.
As much as I wanted to jump at the offer, I had a hard time believing I wasn’t hallucinating from pain and exhaustion. “What sort of favor?”
She shrugged, more a movement of wings than shoulders. “I don’t know. That’s why you’ll have to owe me. Do we have an accord?”
I’d long since given up hope of Christmas miracles, but I nodded. In an instant, the shackles opened and my arms fell heavily by my sides, forcing me to stifle a groan of exquisite pain. She darted under the door, and soon enough it swung wide.
“Quickly, Vampire. The guards won’t stay asleep for long.” She flitted up the stairs. I raced after her, rubbing my wrists. The guards were indeed asleep at their posts, and I dashed out the front door.
I didn’t question my good fortune until I stood shivering at the gates of the estate. “Janiqua?” I called as she fluttered into the night. “How did you find me? And why the hell did you help me?”
Her pointy teeth flashed in the light of the moon as she darted close to my ear. “I like people being in my debt, Vampire.” She flitted away and called back over her shoulder, “As to who sent me? Consider it a Christmas present from your Fairy Godmother.” Her laughter echoed in the night as she flew away.
After that, I did the only reasonable thing—put as much distance between myself and Remus’s estate as I could before dawn lit the sky, savoring my Christmas miracle and plotting my vengeance with every step.
Find Seleste deLaney
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