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In From the Cold by Taryn Kincaid

In From the Cold
By: Taryn Kincaid
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Published: April 25, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance
Length: Short Story
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: May 31, 2014


Spook Raines is a burnt-out spy who doesn’t know he’s a fire demon with a hot-as-sin twin in Sleepy Hollow.

Geneviève Mortimer is a will o' the wisp who hunts demons to ease the pain of her troubled past.

When Madame Eve brings them together for a torrid 1Night Stand, will they be able to come in from the cold at last?

A stand-alone 1Night Stand story. Book 5 of the SLEEPY HOLLOW series.

This is a first for me. This is an average rating. I just didn’t know how to rate this one.

In From the Cold actually seemed to take a different twist from the normal 1NS. Spook and Genny met prior to their one night stand, but neither were fully committed to going on a date. Once they meet, things changed quickly. What was different was the morning after. It seemed to then pull in the Sleepy Hollow series at that point. Wrapping up loose ends that I didn’t even know existed.

That is where I had my problem. When the other past characters and the wrap-up were included, I got lost. I haven’t read any in the series yet. While they have been on my mind to read them, because I love 1NS, I haven’t been able to find the time. I think if I had read the other books in the series, I would be rating this story higher, but since I have no back ground into the other couples and they play a part in the story, my rating is lower.

In From the Cold is still a great little story. Both characters are ready for the next phase in their lives and Madame Eve is right there to help them. Their attraction is smoking hot and definitely draws you in. When I read their initial meeting I knew things were going to be combustible and I was right. Wow, Spook blew my mind.

But again since I didn’t have the history, I was left wondering about Sleepy Hollow, what the heck is a fire demon, who are these family/friends/lovers and then add the confusion of their history. So for lovers of the Sleepy Hollow series, I can easily give this story a 4.5. Since Ms. Kincaid seemed to clear up some lingering questions and the supporting case was rather fun to read about. As a standalone, I would give it a 3.5. So if you are following along with my crazy review, In From the Cold gets an average, 4 Hearts.

The Marquis and the Mistress by Dominique Eastwick

The Marquis and the Mistress
By: Dominique Eastwick
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Published: May 30, 2014
Genre: Historical, Romance
Length: Short Story
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: May 29, 2014


Lord Simon James Winston, seventh Marquis of Breckinridge, can have anything he wants, except the woman he loves. After Chandra, his lover of two years, spurns his marriage offer, he does his best to forget her. When friends discussed the services of Madame Eve one night over cards, it seems like just the thing to get him over his heartbreak.

Mrs. Chandra Mallory wants nothing more than to marry her lord, but deep-hidden secrets threaten to destroy that dream. On a whim, the widow calls on the services of Madame, hoping a night of passion can help her move on.

Can one evening heal past hurts and concerns and help a marquis and his mistress realize true love is always worth the chance?

I went into this short story with high expectations. The question is where they met?

Simon is a spurned man and Chandra is a heartbroken woman. Both want to move on so they seek the services of Madame Eve. Each are shocked and a bit angered that they are each other’s perfect date and that each were going to spend the night with a new lover.

All I can say is wow! My expectations were blown away. It was like a novel all wrapped up and packaged with a great big bow. You had their beginning, middle and end. The only thing missing is an even more happily ever after epilogue. Yes, I am totally vested in this couple. So much so, I’m up at 1 am writing how much I adored this story.

I don’t know how Ms. Eastwick did it, but she did a fantastic job writing this short story. She superbly developed the characters in such a short time and the way she detailed their relationship was brilliant. It was filled with color, love and light. I can’t recall a 1NS that filled so many slots.

Congratulations on such a great job! I can’t wait to see if she has more in store for this group of card playing men. Bravo, bravo.

My review of the first in the 1NS House of Lords series.

Strange Days by Rebecca Royce

Strange Days
By: Rebecca Royce
Publisher:  Ellora's Cave Publishing
Published: April 25, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Thriller
Content: M/F
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: May 26, 2014


Dodie Chase has a terrible crush on her neighbor, Christian Casillo. But a man like him—karate blackbelt, exotic dancer and romance novel cover stud—could never be interested in a mouse like her.

And thoughts of romance fly out of her head when her best friend’s boyfriend is brutally murdered, leaving Mindy white-haired and in shock. An evil clown, a creature from Dodie’s worst nightmares, is pursuing everyone she loves—and she starts to realize that Christian is among them.

The evil that are clowns strikes again. While it sounds like I jest, I’m really not. This is one mean clown and is hell bent on making Dodie’s life a living hell. Hurting everyone she loves and cares for. Austin, Texas has been overrun by evil and only one man can save us. Yes, I can say us, because I live in Austin. *smiles*

Christian is a man of many talents; from being on the top of every woman’s fantasies to kick butt demon killer. He has only one problem though, his neighbor, Dodie. From the moment he sees her, he has wanted her, but she won’t give him the time of day. Determined, Christian begins his campaign for her heart, but what he doesn’t know is that she has wanted him for just as long. Their love and lust are epic, but there is something wrong and he can’t quite put his finger on it.

Who would have thought that you can mix horror and romance? While the elements are scary and heck some people think clowns are the most evil thing out there, but truthfully, I wasn’t too scared. As a fan of paranormal, we all know there are some really scary beings out there. Strange Days was still up there with its scare appeal, but I don’t think you need to be too worried if you are not a huge fan of horror.

In the romance department, oh my I melted. Christian is really an amazing guy. I have met some cover models and he really personifies the men I have met. They are charming, yet likeable. Amazingly good looking, but not conceited. He knows people gravitate to him because of his looks, but he doesn’t let his looks own him. He is attracted to a woman who doesn’t think she is good enough and the way he loves and treats her is so sweet. We could all use a Christian in our lives.

I need to also give props to the two supporting characters. You would think that Mindy would have lost her mind with what happened to her, but she is one resilient woman and I can’t wait for her story. Jonah is Christian’s blood-oathed brother. Ms. Royce doesn’t shine too bright of a light on him, just enough to peak your interest, but you can see major potential. Their story is going to be a fun one, because we will get to enjoy two very spunky people.

Strange Days is the beginning of a new series, Shadow Promised. It’s a common story of good versus evil, but with a twist. A classic storyline that never gets old and I do believe Ms. Royce has a very action packed, romance filled hit on her hands.

Until the Dawn by Desiree Holt & Cerise DeLand

Until the Dawn
By: Desiree Holt & Cerise DeLand
Publisher:  Ellora's Cave Publishing
Published: September 17, 2010
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure, Erotic Romance, Suspense
Content: M/F, Anal Play, Oral Sex
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Scorching
Reviewer: Toni
Date: May 25, 2014


Madison Sommers is sure she has the world in her hands-a great job working for the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, a beautiful townhouse in Georgetown, her ambassador father finally at home rather than at the other end of the world. And in Dan Foreman, a lover she adores. The sex is beyond anything she could have imagined, for Dan knows how to use every part of his body, including his talented hands and mouth, to give her screaming orgasms. She wonders if life could possibly get any better.

Then Dan disappears and her world turns upside down-until he reappears in the dark to addle her brain with the hottest sex she's ever known and a secret that could bring down the country.

Until the Dawn is the first book in the Nemesis series. We meet two people who felt the sparks of attraction from the very first moment and though it took two weeks for them to finally light on fire, they now have a raging inferno on their hands. Their passion is out of control and danger is around every corner.

Neither knows who to trust and where to turn, but together they are unstoppable.

Wow this story moved very fast. I was thoroughly entertained by their adventure and I was left all sexed up. Whew, that was some very hot reading. I really can’t say these two burned up my Kindle, it was all Dan. That man is a force to be reckoned with. I’m not sure if he is a national treasure or a deadly weapon.

Even though I wanted to steal Dan from Madison, I never really connected with Madison and Dan as a couple. I can see loving them, but there wasn’t time. Their adventures hit fast and hard and were nonstop. Every time I thought I would connect, the poor couple had more hit them. I hope I can connect with them in future installments. I really enjoyed the peek at some of the supporting cast too. Madison’s old roomie from college, Nikki, seems like she is going to be amazing and I hope to read more about her soon.

I can see a very interesting series beginning though. Covert ops, danger and some very blindingly hot sex. I have no doubts that I’m going to enjoy the series, because you can’t help but have a true winner with these two amazing authors. With Desiree and Cerise at the helm this is going to be a fan-flippin-tastic ride!!

Learning to Submit by Erykah Wyck

Learning to Submit
By: Erykah Wyck
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Published: December 11, 2011
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Content: M/F, Spanking, Bondage, D/s, Voyeurism / Exhibitionism, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Length: Short Story
Heat Level: Scorching
Reviewer: Toni
Date: May 25, 2014


Belinda has spent her life trying to find who she is sexually. When Madame Eve on the 1 Night Stand Dating Service suggests what she needs is a Dom to control her submissive side, Belinda isn’t convinced but can’t deny her guilty attraction to the idea.

David, is a Dominant in need of a sub. Having heard rave reviews about Madame Eve’s power of matching people to their sexual mate, he gives in and contacts her. He isn’t really looking for just one night with a woman playing games, though, he lives the lifestyle and he craves the submission of a woman ready to join him.

Will this be Madame Eve’s first failure or is Belinda really ready to learn to submit?

What can I say about the 69th installment to the 1 Night Stand series? Well I think I’m a bit shocked. The “act” never showed up. What a perfect missed opportunity!?!

Belinda WANTS more in her love life, but she actually NEEDS to submit. After much thought and deliberation, she is ready to give it a shot, because her usual lovers are doing nothing for her.

David is a man who knows what he NEEDS and it is a sub. What he doesn’t expect is to WANT Belinda with such passion.

Two lovers, all set for one special night of unbridled passion, forbidden sex and unexpected surprises.

What is the real reason I’m shocked? Let me see, Learning to Submit was a well written story, but it didn’t have all the magic I expect from a 1NS story. These two lovers knew how to scorch my reader, but that special Madame magic wasn’t there for me.

What was there was an unexpected surprise. I’ll forever be tainted when I go to a museum now. I’ll walk in with wicked thoughts and memories of some amazing secret sexual acts that can be held in tiny tight spaces. You always expect the cops, military and executives to be the Doms in stories. Well think again people, Museum Directors can be very wicked indeed. Wowza. What a wonderfully dirty, sexy man David is. He was another shock, but more to my system. I wish we could have gotten into his head. I beat it would be a very naughty place.

Learning to Submit had the sexual punch that I now expect from Erykah Wyck, but not the solid couple connection and spark that I expect from a 1NS story. It is still a very good story that will get your motors going and your pulse pounding.

Shatter by Joan Swan

By: Joan Swan
Publisher: Brava
Published: December 31, 2013
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure, Romance, Suspense
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: May 24, 2014


For seven years, Halina Beloi has been in hiding. But she's never forgotten Mitch Foster, the long, lean man she had to leave behind. Until, that is, Mitch shows up with a list of questions and a 9mm in his hand.

All Mitch knows is that Halina broke his heart and disappeared. But new information has surfaced implicating her as a player in the deadliest game of Mitch's life. This time, he's not letting go without answers. Now terror, danger and heat will fuse them together or shatter the future…

Hmmmm. I’ve either having preemptive withdrawals or some major denial going on. Just finished reading Shatter and I feel shattered.

For the last few years, Mitch has been a part of the group, but yet also apart from the group. The Phoenix Rising series initially focused on a Hazmat team; firefighters that were injured in a huge hazmat explosion. Mitch is the twin brother of the first heroine in the series, Alyssa. He has no special skills or abilities other than being a great big arrogant pain in the butt that has the connections to keep his new family secure and safe. He is always great for comic relief and a complete trouble maker. He is a known womanizer and a brilliant attorney and in his own way the backbone of this whole group.

Halina was introduced to us towards the end of book three, Rush. From the moment Mitch sees her face, you knew that his story was going to be a wild ride. Mitch was always the calm, collective one in the group; keeping his head straight and on track. One look of Halina and his world begins to crumble around him and Shatter is his story.

He never thought he would see her again, but he has found her and he is going to make her explain how she is involved in the circumstances that are continually putting his family in danger and why she lied to him. Their interactions are heated and passionate. But they also hold a hopelessness that grabs you deep in your soul. As you watch his discovery of why she left him, you hurt for him and also share in his joy. It’s simply divine.

Ms. Swan wrote an amazing tale that may or may not have wrapped up this series. I honestly have no idea if it is the ending or not and that bugs me. Even though the plot behind what happened to the group is answered and justice is served, I am left wanting more. Seth was totally dropped. He was on a mission that ended abruptly with no mention of him and then there is Kai. Kai is a man with a mysterious aura and has many issues that are just under the surface. Does his story get told? Even though these potentially great characters seem to have been forgotten; from the first book to this last book it has been an amazing and wondrous read.

Ms. Swan has fashioned an amazing world filled with characters that are very engaging and real with a plot that is intricate and yet simple to follow. My only problem is the few unanswered questions, but all in all this is one top notch series that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Well written with heart, passion and soul.

Please check out my other reviews of the series if you want to see their adventure unfold.


Night of the Doms by Erykah Wyck

Night of the Doms
By: Erykah Wyck
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Published: June 8, 2012
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Content: M/F/M, BDSM, Spanking, Bondage, D/s, Voyeurism / Exhibitionism, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Length: Short Story
Heat Level: Scorching
Reviewer: Toni
Date: May 25, 2014


Take one submissive with separation anxiety.

Add one master who has never wanted to settle down.

Mix in three Doms with specialties that make people’s toes curl.

And you have a recipe for Sex, Bondage and Orgasmic release.

Can Reyes heal and restore Ginny’s sense of security? Or will a night of Doms prove too much for her to endure?

This is one hot fast read.

Do not pick up this short story if you want an in depth backstory filled with endless romantic gestures and endearments. Night of the Doms is a very heated read that you can easily read in a few minutes.

Do pick up Night of the Doms if you are in the mood to get hot and bothered. Need a quick pick me up? Want a few minutes to escape and day/night dream of hot fantasies and naughty deeds? Yep, Night of the Doms is just right for you.

Erykah Wyck is a new author for me. She is an erotic romance writer who knows how to jump right into bed. We understand right away that this is a final test for Ginny and possibly the last hurdle for Master Reyes. Will this be his last night of bachelorhood or will Ginny fail in her attempts to get past old wounds and her lack of trust?

While this is a teeny tiny tidbit into their relationship, you can easily see that they have a solid history. This is a take no prisoners romp and Ms. Wyck is a wicked warden. You are thrown right into the middle of Ginny’s test and you are left panting.

So take a few minutes just for yourself. Lock the door, draw a bath and let Ms. Wyck jump start your “me” time. Night of the Doms brings new meaning to the term “feel good book”.

Rush by Joan Swan

By: Joan Swan
Publisher: Brava
Published: August 27, 2013
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: May 23, 2014


Jessica Fury, Washington lobbyist, has money, connections, and her own firm. But five years ago she had something better: happiness. Her firefighter husband, Quaid, was handsome, courageous, and crazy about her. Then one day he walked into a chemical inferno—and never walked out. Jessica has been through hell to get back on her feet. And then a rumor surfaces that could bring a miracle or shatter her world – again.

Q has been a prisoner forever. He’s honed his mind and body into weapons. He’s developed abilities no one else understands. But he’s still at the mercy of a cabal of ruthless men, who blank his memory, test him like a lab rat, and tell him lies. Although his past has been erased and his future looks grim, instinct tells him he has a woman to live for. What his mind can’t remember, his body can’t forget…

I was completely blown away with the first book in the Phoenix Rising series, Fever. Book two, Blaze, was a fast paced scorching read and book three, Rush is a high adrenaline ride from the first page to the very last. I can’t believe it took me this long to catch up. My only defense was life got in the way and I’m glad that I was able to do a marathon read when I was finally able to dig back in.

Jessica and Quaid’s story is a heartbreaking story. Friends who became lovers and then newlyweds then a tragic accident rip them apart. Jessica then began a horrible downward spiral that took her years to conquer and though her life is a half-life, she has purpose and resolve to make everyone involved with her husband’s death to pay.

Q is a man who doesn’t have a past and only one friend to hold onto. The red haired woman from his past has left his dreams and his only friend has just attempted to escape their concrete prison. Reality and fantasy are fine lines in his life and when he is finally revisited by his mystery woman and they finally share a kiss, he is a happy man. But when he meets the woman of his dreams, can he trust that she is real.

Rush takes place right where Blaze finished off. The team may have found their lost member and will do anything to bring him home; for themselves, but more for Jessica. Her life has been miserable without Quaid but she fights his possible existence. Their reunion is so bittersweet, but you can feel the spark between them right from the very first moments. While there were times I wanted both of them to move on, I also was cheering them to find what they lost. I couldn’t imagine the pain and heartbreak they encountered. When they first had sex, I was on a roller coaster of emotions. I was thrilled at the possibilities then felt utter despair and pain. I can’t recall every experiencing such mixed emotions.

Ms. Swan did an amazing job and wow this whole storyline is engulfing. I couldn’t put it down. I craved page after page. Like I mentioned before, I’m so glad that I had all the books to read them all at once. I would have hated to have to wait for the next installment. Ms. Swan has penned a diverse and interesting world that is sexy, adventurous and refreshing.

Please check out my review of the first book in the series:

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