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The Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane

The Coach’s Discipline
By: Katherine Deane
Publisher: Stormy Nights Publications
Published: July 11, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Content: M/F, Spanking, Anal Play
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Scorching
Reviewer: Marchelle
Date: December 9, 2014


Marathon runner Claire Jacobs has always dreamed of making it to the Olympics, but she has a habit of getting in her own way. With the help of Nick Fox, a legendary coach known for his unconventional techniques, she prepares for one last shot at her dream. Traumatic memories of her experience with her last coach still haunt Claire, though, and in spite of his reputation she finds it hard to trust Nick’s authority.

The more time he spends with Claire, the more Nick finds himself enchanted by her drive and deep commitment to her fellow runners. But when her self-destructive behavior crosses the line, Nick realizes he has only one option to help the woman he has come to care about so much—he will need to give her the first spanking of her life and make sure it is one she will not forget.

Despite his firm discipline, Claire quickly comes to crave Nick’s dominance and direction, and soon he has grown to be much more than just her coach. But when jealousy and misunderstandings threaten to tear the team apart, will she run away as she always has in the past, or can she trust in her newfound love and race toward her goals with an open heart?

Publisher’s Note: The Coach’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

This is an incredibly hot and sexy domestic discipline story with depth. Claire is a runner with Olympic dreams. She is looking for a new coach to help her qualify for the Olympic trials and she finds Nick Fox. From the start, the chemistry between them is obvious, but they both try to keep things professional. It all changes one afternoon when Coach Fox gives Claire a couple of firm taps on her bottom to calm her down and re-focus her attention. Things immediately heat up between the coach and athlete.

Claire has trust and body image issues stemming from psychological abuse first at the hands of her mother and later her former coach. Because of the history of abusive women in her life, she prefers to work with a male coach and Nick Fox is the perfect man for the job. He’s caring and sexy and doesn’t allow her to lapse into her former destructive habits whenever she has a moment of panic or becomes overwhelmed.

I loved the dynamics between Nick and Claire. From the beginning, he knew what she needed but was afraid to push her too far. His moments of self-doubt, when he feared he did just that, made him even more endearing. He demands absolute honesty from her and gently “corrects” her when she slips out of control. There is one amazing scene in the book where he never lays a finger on her but is still able to bring her pleasure like she’s never experienced before. Hot, hot, hot!!

This book is absolutely a must read for anyone who loves erotic romance and spankings. I was unsure if I would like this story because I don’t normally enjoy anything having to do with sports. While the marathon running and training was an important part of the story, it wasn’t the focus of the story. The other girls on the team were an integral part of Claire’s journey of self-discovery and their obvious love and respect for their coach and his for them, made it even easier to fall in love with him. I look forward to reading more by this author.

Lady Starling's Stockings by Cerise DeLand

Lady Starling's Stockings
By: Cerise DeLand
Publisher: Self Published
Published: July 17, 2011
Genre: Historical, Erotic Romance, Suspense
Content: M/F, Oral Sex
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: December 14, 2014


Regency Romance with Sizzle and Suspense!

A lady spy meets a rogue she's never forgotten. Together they unmask a traitor~and discover a love they've never dreamed of.

Lady Solange Starling has a special skill. But catching spies within her cousin’s embassy has never presented a challenge…until now.

One moonlit evening in a garden, Solange views a daring man she has not seen in years. A man she never forgot. A man, who even in his youth, carved his place in her life and her reverie.

Monsieur Noir, he calls himself. And so he is, a man living in shadows, dark and dangerous to her heart. As the two of them join together to weed out the nemesis who attempts to destroy their fight against Napoleon, Solange and Noir learn how rich grand passion can be.

Once more, they fight against cruel fate to give them what they most desire. Each other. Together in love and peace.

Childhood love that was never fulfilled finally gets a chance to blossom again.

Lady Starling has lived a very full and exciting life. Some good, but most of it has been bad. In a war torn France, she begins her terrifying journey as a youth sentenced to death and it never lets up. At thirty, she is a widow and a spy. She is working hard to bring Napoleon’s reign to an end. She is an accomplished woman and is well sought out, but she only has dreams of a man from her past. He’s a man that no other can compare to; her boyhood savior.

Monsieur Noir is a man who lost everything when Napoleon’s troops ravished his childhood home. Thrust into the role as protector at the young age of fourteen, he never surrendered and is now top in his field in the service to the crown as a spy. He’s been secretly in the shadows, but now it’s time to show himself to Lady Starling. Can she accept all he’s done in his life and the part he played in hers or will she reject him for leaving her alone?

What a nice change of pace; regency with a side of intrigue. I was engrossed from the first page to the last. Lady Starling was a very interesting heroine and not your normal wall flower. She wasn’t afraid to gather information and put herself out there for her country. She didn’t shy away from danger and is a perfect spy.

Noir was very mysterious. He was standoffish and secretive. I liked it. He didn’t let Starling run over him with her very strong personality and he kept her guessing. They made a great pair and their sexy time was amazing. I really loved that Starling wanted Noir and she didn’t let him back away from her like he tried to. But once she opened his flood gates, BAM, he was a force to be reckoned with. So very sexy!

Ms. DeLand wrote a very exciting tale and developed a marvelous novella. Lady Starling’s Stockings suspense wasn’t too confusing or drawn out, but it did have the right mix for its length. It wrapped up nicely, showing a beautiful future ahead for our hero and our heroine. I love it when a novella comes all together nicely and this one is a winner.

Conquering Zeus by Cerise DeLand

Conquering Zeus (SEALs On Fire #7)
By: Cerise DeLand
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Published: May 03, 2013
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Content: M/F, Oral Sex
Length: Short Story
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: December 12, 2014


Getting in the party mood for a weekend away with his SEAL teammates is no easy deal for “Zeus” Calderon. He’s hung up on a woman he saved from terrorists months ago, but he should be able to forget a gutsy blonde reporter who showed resilience and humor under fire. Shouldn’t he?

Kim Stansfield got the instant hots for the hunky Navy SEAL who led her out of harm’s way—and she’s got proof Zeus feels the same about her. He’s stubborn, but she’s devised a plan to conquer him.

When she shows up in Key West and surprises him on the beach, Zeus learns that once in a lifetime a man meets a woman he can’t forget—and every day without her is no easy day.

Conquering Zeus is a very sexy story. Zeus and Kim have been dancing around each other for ages. It’s now their time, but will one steamy night in Key West be enough?

Zeus has been battling his desire for Kim since the moment he rescued her. He has to find a way to purge her from his system, but his body isn’t cooperating. The weekend away with his buddies should have cured his thoughts of her, with the countless women available to him in Key West, but Zeus is discovering even sexy hot women will not take away the images of Kim in his mind.

Kim is a strong woman who has taken life by the horns. Reporting in war torn countries doesn’t terrify her, but thoughts of losing the man that has haunted her dreams does. In a last ditch effort, she is going to claim the main that owns her heart. This past prisoner of war is going to capture her soldier, one way or the other.

Unknown to Zeus, Kim has followed him to Key West. They both have jobs that can alter their lives in an instant. Neither knowing where their passion will lead, but they both decide that life is too short and take the chance. Thank goodness they did!

Conquering Zeus is a story that I enjoyed as a novella, but I think I would have devoured as a novel. Zeus and Kim had a back story that intrigued me. While I enjoyed how they finally came together, I really wanted to know about their past. Ms. DeLand set up an amazing back story for these two and I wanted more of that and still do. Their adventure was meant for the pages, not our imagination.

This story is still very good. I enjoyed how, once they decided to go for it, they went in full board. These are two very strong people. They have to be considering their professions. Zeus has found the right woman for him in Kim and the epilogue is such a wonderful treat that it may have been the best part of the story for me. Conquering Zeus is as hot as a balmy Key West night and shouldn’t be missed if you love stories built upon very strong characters and smoldering sexy nights.

Under The Dom’s Care by Sam Crescent

Under The Dom’s Care
By: Sam Crescent
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Published: August 26, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Content: M/F, BDSM, Spanking, D/s, Oral Sex
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Scorching
Reviewer: Marchelle
Date: December 9, 2014


Jake messed up and broke the rules at club, Extreme. He’s paid the price but the punishment still stands, and he cannot touch a sub within the club. One night out with his friend and he meets the raven haired beauty of his dreams.

Isabella is a librarian and a virgin. She’s tired of her friends nagging her and so, she sets out a plan. The first man to hold her interest is the man she’s going to lose her virginity to.

Big mistake!

No matter how much chemistry was between them, losing her cherry against a brick wall was not the stuff of fairytales. There was no way she’d be giving herself to a man any time soon.

However, Jake refuses to step down. He’s got a reputation to uphold and he refuses to let her go until he shows her what it really means to be under a Dom’s care.

Bella is a quiet librarian who is on a mission to lose her virginity so her friends will stop teasing her. She goes to a club with her friends and meets Jake. She doesn’t tell him she is a virgin and ends up having a less than stellar first sexual experience outside the club, at his hands. She quickly makes her escape and goes home hoping to forget about it and get on with her life.

Jake is a Dom who has recently been stripped of his priveliges at the club he works at. Because of a bad decision he made, the other Doms don’t trust him and he is not allowed to train subs at the club until further notice. He meets Isabella and has what he considers great sex with her outside the club but is confused when she runs away without giving him her phone number. In trying to track her down, he finds out she was a virgin and has been ruined on the thought of sex forever and he seeks her out to repair the damage he has done.

I really enjoyed this story. Jake is very much the typical alpha-male Dom. Bella is the meek, shy librarian with the submissive side who enjoys a bit of kink. They are a perfect match and Jake seems to know this from the beginning and pursues her relentlessly. The huge mistake he made in the beginning, by unknowingly taking her virginity in such an uncaring way, made him more believable, in my opinion. I liked that the author made him seem more human with actual flaws and that he owns up to them. He basically spends a good deal of the rest of the story trying to make it up to her. The intensity of their feelings for each other seems to take them both by surprise and it’s actually a very sweet love story with a lot of hot sex.

Burning for Nero by Cerise DeLand

Burning for Nero (SEALs Going Hot #2)
By: Cerise DeLand
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Published: June 10, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Holiday
Content: M/F, Oral Sex
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Scorching
Reviewer: Toni
Date: December 11, 2014


On leave due to an injury, Navy SEAL Tony Nero heads home for a little R&R and some Fourth of July fun. When his buddy’s widow Cass Phillips picks him up at the air station, Tony figures he’s in for a sexually frustrating few days. He’s had the hots for the blonde siren for years, but his best friend won her heart first. Even though Ray’s been gone more than a year, Tony bets Cass isn’t interested in any man. Not him. And especially not another SEAL.

Cass has a bone to pick with longtime friend, Tony. After her husband died, he was the closest thing her little boy had to a father figure. His visits stopped abruptly and her son doesn't understand why. Neither does she. She's also unable to quench her growing need for the tough and tender man. She's already loved and lost one SEAL, but that doesn't stop her from burning for Nero.

Burning for Nero could almost be called a story about second chances, but Tony and Cass never had their first go around. Tony’s best friend Ray won the prize years ago. Does Tony take his chance now or let her go for good?

Tony is returning home for the Fourth of July holiday. He is coming home for some R&R after his recent injury and a hellish year. He lost his best friend, Ray, and had to also give up Ray’s wife, Cassie. After his death, he was getting way too attached to somebody who would never be his. If he can get through this break, maybe he is really over her…who is he kidding?

Cass is finally ready to move on. She lost her husband, but still has their little boy. She thought she had their friend Tony, but he left her too. It’s time for her to leave her husband’s family home and make a name for herself, but before she can start her new life, she must confront the man who stole her heart and then broke it, Tony Nero.

From the moment Cass surprises Tony by picking him up; she has shocked him and kept him second guessing himself. But his Navy SEAL training is going to persevere. He has her in his sights and he always hits his mark. Cass will be his…forever.

First off, Cass had just the right amount of sass. I loved that she was coming out of her shell and didn’t take any crap from Tony. She was a strong, resilient woman who had been short changed early in life. While Tony tried to be honorable, he deserves to win the girl after being in the shadows for years and loving her the whole time. Burning for Nero is such a sweet heart grabbing story.

Ms. DeLand did a brilliant job walking us through their story. You were able to see the whole picture; the past, present and future. Simply amazing that she wrote such a well-rounded story in about 100 pages. It’s such a rarity that you feel completely satisfied when you read a novella. Ms. DeLand is consistent with her ability to write completely fulfilling stories with sexy elements and delicious heroes. She is simply an amazing author and a talented artisan.

The Earl and his Virgin Countess by Dominque Eastwick

The Earl and his Virgin Countess
By: Dominque Eastwick
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Published: November 28, 2014
Genre: Historical, Romance,
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: November 20, 2014


Lord Andrew Masterson, Earl of Windenshire has had a string of bad luck with women. While his best friends are all getting leg-shackled, he can’t seem to get a lady to stay in his presence long enough to court them. Not sure what he might be doing wrong, he turns to Madame Evangeline, hoping she can help him change his luck.

Betrothed since before her birth to Lord Masterson, Miss Miranda Beauchamp has prepared to be his countess ever since. Although the Earl of Windenshire maintains her upkeep and pays for everything she needs, she might as well not exist for all the attention he pays her. Determined to break the marriage contract, she’ll go to desperate measures to achieve her goal, even if it means losing her virginity to do so.

Can Madame Eve show Andrew and Miranda there is more than a contract between them? Or will family secrets and years of hurt be too much for the earl and his virgin countess to overcome?

Ms. Eastwick has another home run with The Early and His Virgin Countess. She effortlessly blends history, romance and plot beautifully and yet makes it fresh and fun.

Miss Miranda has been groomed to be a countess since birth. Growing up she learns everything that will be required of her, but the position starts to lose its sparkle. Not to mention that the earl acts as he doesn’t know her when in her company and she is continually being reminded of his many exploits. After a masked encounter she is done with him and is determined to break the betrothal. The only way possible, for a woman of her time, is for her to lose her well guarded virginity. With the help of Madam Eve, she will definitely have a night she will never forget.

Lord Andrew has met a fiery masked woman and all he can recall about her is his black eye. While the woman intrigues him, he has little desire to search her out, but why bother when you can call on the renowned services of Madam Evangeline. She has done wonders for his friends and maybe she can help him find a lovely woman with the same endearing qualities that his friends have found.

Brought together for a night of passion, but things take a sharp turn. What these two people receive instead, is a new outlook on life. One night that will forever change their lives.

This was such a unique 1NS story. I loved how Ms. Eastwick changed it up and added a bit more length. There were so many initial obstacles for them to get over and they accomplished it wonderfully. Lord Andrew’s honor was unsurpassed and Miss Miranda’s loyalty was beautifully bright. Thank you Ms. Eastwick for sharing their beautiful story of love and forgiveness. You wrote with richness and depth and brought this couple to life. You did an amazing job with so few words. It’s a huge credit to your writing ability. You have succeeded again in capturing my heart with your House of Lords series.

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