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Dark Moon by Kate Douglas

Dark Moon
By: Kate Douglas
Publisher: Kensington
Published: January 28, 2014
Genre: Futuristic, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, 
Content: M/F, M/M, M/F/M/F, Ménage, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Length:  Novel
Heat Level: Scorching
Reviewer: Toni
Date: February 27, 2014

Chanku spirit guide Igmutaka has known since the day he held the newborn daughter of Tala and Mik Fuentes in his hands, that she would grow up to be his. Unfortunately, no one thought to copy Mikaela Star on the message.

After years of avoiding her overbearing spirit guide, Star has decided to return to Montana and face the beautiful and irritating man who has haunted her nights for much too long. But first, she takes a small vacation in California, where Igmutaka just happens to be waiting.

Sunny Daye has known this day was coming. She and Ig have been lovers for years, but both of them accept that they are not meant to be a mated pair. When Igmutaka tells Sunny her man is "out there, and coming closer," she can barely contain her excitement. But Fen Ahlberg is not at all what Sunny expected—in fact, he is so much more that his mere existence may change the Chanku forever.

Dark Moon is the long awaited story of three favorite and beloved characters. Igmutaka, ancient spirit guide the Fuentes family line. Mikaela Star Fuetes, the first female charge of Igmutaka and daughter to Tala, AJ and Miguel. And finally a character that is amazing in her strength and determination, Sunny Daye. She was once a crippled mute woman and now she is a strong and adoring lover and friend to Igmutaka and Star. Characters that have always intrigued me and pulled at my heartstrings are finally having their tales told and what a lovely story it is.

Star and Igmutaka have always had a special connection and I enjoyed how they finally decided that fourteen years apart was long enough and they put everything out front; no matter the consequences. Star is tired of running from her love of Ig and she is traveling home to be reunited with her family and pack. She has loved him forever and either he returns her love or she needs to move on. Unknown to her, Ig has loved her too. Now is the time to claim her. He only hopes that she can love him as much as he loves her. There is nothing like two head strong people finally realizing they are perfect for each other.

While Star has been away from the pack, Sunny has been a confidant and lover to Igmutaka. She always knew that he was not for her, but a very special connection brought them together repeatedly. But Igmutaka has news for Sunny that her mate is on his way. Sunny wants nothing more in the world and can’t wait.

Fen Ahlberg is a lonely man who always felt apart from the world. From his first disastrous meeting of Sunny, you can’t help but feel even more for the big man. Their attraction is instantaneous, but considering the setting of their first encounter…it is inevitable and powerful. There love is quick and action packed, but still holds a certain sweetness.

I loved how Ms. Douglas interweaved the two couples blossoming romances. But she doesn’t stop there. She throws in a special twist that I could feel coming, but was unsure how it would unfold. Without giving too much away, let’s just say it’s a first in the long history of the Chanku series. Oh sweet heaven is it exciting!

The only reason this novel doesn’t get my complete and undying love of 5 hearts is because the antagonist of the story fell short for me. While the plot for the story was required, I think the storyline was rushed and could have held more angst and drama to the story if it would have been expanded. Space and time may have been factors to the shorten scenario since the novel does encompass two couples. All-in-all it is a small problem, I still loved the story and couldn’t put it down.

Dark Moon is a very enjoyable read that demonstrates that destined love never dies but just gets stronger. Time and obstacles will never keep apart what is meant to be. Ms. Douglas has written a beautiful story of love and destiny and shouldn’t be missed if you love her amazing voice and her incredible Chanku’s.

Dark Spirit by Kate Douglas

Dark Spirit
By:  Kate Douglas
Publisher:  Beyond the Page
Published:  January 6, 2014
Genre: Futuristic, Action/Adventure, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Content: M/F, M/M, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Length:  Novel
Heat Level:  Scorching
Reviewer:  Toni
Date:  February 16, 2014

Romy Sarika has spent much of her life suffering at the hands of a sadistic cult leader. Twenty years earlier she watched him kill her mother, and now she awaits the same fate. But when the self-proclaimed prophet orders Romy killed, the wolf part of her rises up and for the first time she shifts. Managing to save herself, she leaves death and chaos in her wake.

Alone in the woods and badly injured, Romy is found by Jace Wolf and Gabe Cheval, two powerful and striking Chanku who help her heal and simultaneously unleash sensual desires in her that are as new and intense as her wolf-like abilities. But just as Romy’s opening herself to this new erotic world and the passionate connections she’s forming with both men, danger is closing in.

Bent on revenge and driven by bloodlust, cult members are pursuing the trio. Discovery could mean not just Romy’s death but destruction of the Chanku way of life. With their lives at stake and the Chanku race in jeopardy, the three must fight to save themselves and the future of their proud race.

I have read the Chanku journey from the very beginning. I have gobbling up every novel, short story and novella that has been written about them. I can honestly say that their stories have fascinated and pleasantly shocked me from the start. When the final chapter on the main arc (Wolf Tales) was completed I was totally depressed and saddened. But there was a light shining at the end of the tunnel. Hope that the story would continue. I waited and prayed that the children would have their stories told and I was totally thrilled that Ms. Douglas was able to share their stories with us.

Dark Spirit is book two in the Spirit Wild series. Dark Spirit had a different feel for me. I’m not sure it was because it took place away from the compound and essentially didn’t have the normal supporting characters or it is something else. I do know that Ms. Douglas tackles the riveting range of emotional turmoil with brave gusto. She doesn’t shy away from taboo subjects and she handles this books subject matter head on.

I will say not everyone will be comfortable with reading Dark Spirit, but it’s a sad reality that we only read horror stories about, after the fact. Dark Spirit can be a heartbreaking read at times and if she would have delved into the matter in its totality she may have lost a few readers. It is handled delicately and with honor to the victims.

I enjoyed this novel. I do feel that something was missing for me to give it way up high five rating, but needless to say, I think if you have enjoyed other Chanku novels from Ms. Douglas you will likely enjoy this one too. There are grisly bloody action scenes, but surprisingly I wanted more pain and suffering dealt out. This is one comment you will have to read to understand. I can’t remember the last time I was so blood thirsty and violent. Then you switch over to tender love making that shows that the characters are creatures of respect and pleasure. Throw in some healing power and you have a delightfully erotically charged romantic read. Delightful is hardly a word I would normally use to describe Kate’s work, but it seems to fit for me this time around.

Dark Spirit is a story about two journeys. One that takes the characters across the northwest portion of the US and another more important one; a journey filled with pain, discovery and love; packed with heartache, anger, understanding and eventually resolution. It is not for the light of heart, but if you enjoy stories of love, healing and extremely hot sex, Dark Spirit is for you!

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