Lady Starling's Stockings by Cerise DeLand

Lady Starling's Stockings
By: Cerise DeLand
Publisher: Self Published
Published: July 17, 2011
Genre: Historical, Erotic Romance, Suspense
Content: M/F, Oral Sex
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: December 14, 2014


Regency Romance with Sizzle and Suspense!

A lady spy meets a rogue she's never forgotten. Together they unmask a traitor~and discover a love they've never dreamed of.

Lady Solange Starling has a special skill. But catching spies within her cousin’s embassy has never presented a challenge…until now.

One moonlit evening in a garden, Solange views a daring man she has not seen in years. A man she never forgot. A man, who even in his youth, carved his place in her life and her reverie.

Monsieur Noir, he calls himself. And so he is, a man living in shadows, dark and dangerous to her heart. As the two of them join together to weed out the nemesis who attempts to destroy their fight against Napoleon, Solange and Noir learn how rich grand passion can be.

Once more, they fight against cruel fate to give them what they most desire. Each other. Together in love and peace.

Childhood love that was never fulfilled finally gets a chance to blossom again.

Lady Starling has lived a very full and exciting life. Some good, but most of it has been bad. In a war torn France, she begins her terrifying journey as a youth sentenced to death and it never lets up. At thirty, she is a widow and a spy. She is working hard to bring Napoleon’s reign to an end. She is an accomplished woman and is well sought out, but she only has dreams of a man from her past. He’s a man that no other can compare to; her boyhood savior.

Monsieur Noir is a man who lost everything when Napoleon’s troops ravished his childhood home. Thrust into the role as protector at the young age of fourteen, he never surrendered and is now top in his field in the service to the crown as a spy. He’s been secretly in the shadows, but now it’s time to show himself to Lady Starling. Can she accept all he’s done in his life and the part he played in hers or will she reject him for leaving her alone?

What a nice change of pace; regency with a side of intrigue. I was engrossed from the first page to the last. Lady Starling was a very interesting heroine and not your normal wall flower. She wasn’t afraid to gather information and put herself out there for her country. She didn’t shy away from danger and is a perfect spy.

Noir was very mysterious. He was standoffish and secretive. I liked it. He didn’t let Starling run over him with her very strong personality and he kept her guessing. They made a great pair and their sexy time was amazing. I really loved that Starling wanted Noir and she didn’t let him back away from her like he tried to. But once she opened his flood gates, BAM, he was a force to be reckoned with. So very sexy!

Ms. DeLand wrote a very exciting tale and developed a marvelous novella. Lady Starling’s Stockings suspense wasn’t too confusing or drawn out, but it did have the right mix for its length. It wrapped up nicely, showing a beautiful future ahead for our hero and our heroine. I love it when a novella comes all together nicely and this one is a winner.

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