Snowy Encounters teaser from Clarissa Yip

Here’s a teaser of Cole and Maddy for all those who have read Snowy Encounters and are curious if Maddy’s crazy ideas ever work.

“Just one time, I swear.”
Cole eyed his wife, warily. As much as he loved her, the crazy ideas she came up with drove him nuts. If she wasn’t the hottest decorator in town and didn’t belong to him, he would have quickly turned tail and ran. But then, that wouldn’t be very manly of him. He glanced down the steep slope. They stood at the top of Death’s Peak. It was their spot—the one spot, she’d run to when she wasn’t happy, but also the one place she’d wreaked havoc on him. He’d ended up in the ambulance, after the many times she’d accidentally tripped him down the hill.
He sighed. “Can’t we just do this at home?”
Maddy settled her hands on her hips and glared at him. “No.”
Cole pulled her into his arms and hid his irritation. “You remember what happened last time we tried this.”
She gazed at the night sky. “There are no trees above our heads this time. No snow will fall on us. Build the tent and let’s do it.”
It as in fulfilling her fantasy to make love outdoors.
“Let’s just go back to the house where it’s warm and I’ll build us a fire.”
She shook her head, and pouted. “This is my Christmas wish. I want to do it here.”
Damn. The lip. She knew he couldn’t resist her pout. Shoving a hand through his hair, he looked around. “What if someone shows up?”
Maddy snorted. “Everyone is home celebrating Christmas. Besides, we did our family duties already.” Her eyebrow lifted. “What? Are you chicken?”
His eyes narrowed. “I’m just worried about you.”
“Don’t be. I’m pregnant, not disabled.” She patted her slightly rounded belly.
He bit his inner cheek. The bigger her stomach grew, the stronger those hormones seem to hit. Trudging over to their belongings, he started to assemble the tent. Last time they’d tried this, snow had fallen from the branches and covered their naked bodies. Lovemaking suspended.
Who would have thought his spunky wife had such fantasies?
Once the tent was set up, he made sure the portable heater was on and lantern lit, before holding the flap open and turning to Maddy. “Done. Get in.”
Maddy hopped up off the tree stump and grinned. “About time!” She took two steps and slid backward. Cole quickly closing the distance, but not before she’d already fallen. At least the ground was fluffy with a fresh layer of snow. She glared at him, and he bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing. Falling was natural to Maddy, but he worried about the baby. He helped her up and brushed the snow off her back. His hand lingered over her butt. He loved touching her ass. He wasn’t much of a butt man, but Maddy’s cute bottom always drew his attention, especially when she wore her black stiletto boots and sashayed around him like….
He swung her up into his arms and strode to the tent. “Let’s do it.
Maddy yanked the hair at his nape, and he grunted. “Now, you’re being vulgar.”
“You wanted to make love out here, and you know I’d give you anything.”
She brushed her lips against his jaw as he allowed her to slide down the length of him. “I know.”
He cupped her bottom, pulling her close against his groin. No matter how many times they’d made love, he’d never get enough of her. Keeping an arm around her waist, he lifted the flap of the tent. “Get in and show me your goods.”
Maddy giggled. She bent and started to maneuver into their temporary sleeping quarters. He gave her butt two pats before she disappeared inside. Sticking his head in, he frowned. The space was smaller than he anticipated. He should have grabbed the bigger tent from the lodge, but in their haste, he’d taken whatever was available. All thoughts fled as Maddie smiled and slowly released the buttons on her coat.
Inch by inch, silky pale skin was revealed along with the black satin of her camisole. She shrugged off her jacket and her jeans until she sat demurely in top and panties. She crooked one finger at him, and he was lost. Quickly shedding his oversized coat, he crawled into the tight space. His head hit the roof, but he managed to get his jacket off.
Maddy helped him with his shirt. His elbow struck a metal bar. He ignored it and kissed her the moment his shirt slipped over his head. Her fingers attacked his belt and unbuttoned his jeans as he searched for the hem of her camisole. Softness met his palms, and he slid his hand under, lovingly patting her stomach before closing over her breasts.
“Get these off. I want to see you.” Maddy tugged insistently at his jeans. He sat and Maddy climbed over him, settling her legs on either side of his thighs as he tried to push his boxers and jeans off. She dug her fingers in his hair and continued to kiss him. He loved the taste of her—fruity and sweet. Her strawberry scent wrapped around him, drugging him as always.
Once he kicked his clothes away, he settled his hands on her hips and worked the satin top over her skin. They parted for a split second when he’d pulled her camisole off and threw it over his shoulder.
Maddy tugged at his hair, rocking against him as he kneaded her breasts, weighing them, loving them. They’d grown larger with pregnancy. Bending down to sample her sweetness, Cole frowned when Maddy pushed him away.
He reached for her. “Baby, you are hot. That won’t ever change.”
“No, fire!” She pointed to the corner.
Cole whipped around. Damn. Smoke rose over Maddy’s camisole. It had landed on top of the heater. He grabbed his jacket and started to beat the blasted thing. Cursing aloud, he glanced at Maddy to see her laughing, clutching her own coat to her chest.
Once the heater was off and the destroyed satin tossed aside, he settled back in defeat, bumping his head against the metal bar holding up the tent. Maddy slid her arms into her coat and grappled around for her jeans.
“You’re right. We should go home.”
He sighed. Lovemaking suspended. Again. He just couldn’t win.
Maddy leaned over and placed a kiss on his lips. “I know. My crazy idea. But I’ll make it up to you when we get home.”
Stifling the urge to growl, he reached for his clothes.
“Next time, we’ll grab the bigger tent.”
He smiled. She said “next time”.

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December 14, 2010 at 12:11 AM

Very nice! Fits right into our snowy background too!

December 14, 2010 at 3:29 AM

Lovely story and great to see they're still happy.
But - I don't think making love in a tent qualifies as outside - they need to be out there in the snow!

Maddy and Cole have great chemistry. Too bad her playful fantasies get interrupted. Maybe next time.

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