Be Mine by Cerise DeLand

Be Mine
By: Cerise DeLand
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company
Published: January 31, 2012
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Erotic Romance
Content: M/F, Anal Play, Oral Sex
Length: Short Story
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: October 14, 2014


Why shouldn’t an eligible man like Jason Sherwood plan a Valentine’s Day merger with a woman whose elegant body melted at his touch last year on February fourteenth? A mysterious woman who disappeared like a wraith. A vibrant creature who came apart in his arms like only the right woman does for the right man.

But Mara Richardson left Jason for a good reason…and after a year of looking for her, he still doesn’t know why. But he has to learn. Has to get her naked, wild for him again. Give her those little sugary candies that say, Be Mine, and show her that, despite only hours with her last year, he needs her to be his. Forever.

This is perfect lunch break read. At only 22 pages, it’s direct and to the point. Jason wants Mara, Mara wants Jason. There you go.

Jason has been looking for the woman that he spent one explosive night with for months. With no clues other than a first name, he hires a private detective. It isn’t until his company wishes to expand that he finally finds her. Now that he has her in his sights, he isn’t going to lose her. He will play her game, but he will win in the end.

She gave him her name, Annette, but she didn’t tell him the whole story. Her real name is Mara Annette Richardson, President and CEO of Richardson Communications; the company she is going to sell and retire from. While she may have not told him everything about herself, he knows her deep into her soul and she regrets never telling him more. She has burned for him since she walked out the door last year on Valentine’s Day, never to see him again. She is selling her company to get away from the pressures of her hectic life. Though she will never have him, she will be happy in new life as an author.

I will admit that this story is too darn short for me. While I rate it high, it is because at 22 pages, it tells a wonderful heartwarming story. I’m rating it on the story not the length. Ms. DeLand held my interest the whole time. I loved the buildup of Jason going through the motions of preparing for the night and then the moment when they finally see each; It is simply heart pounding. The explosion of emotions and the scorching sex burned up my kindle. Then it’s done…You see that there is a future and it is endearing.

Ms. DeLand wrote an exceptional story in this short period of time. My only regret is that I was left wanting more. Short stories are just that short and Be Mine is a very well written one. It is also part of a collection, Valentino’s Delight Series. I can see myself checking out the others. This group of ladies know how to write and I don’t want to miss a single story.

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