Prowleryns: Demitri's Devil by Kate Hill

Title: Prowleryns: Demitri’s Devil

Author: Kate Hill

Publisher: Changeling Press

Publication Date: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-60521-334-7

Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifters

Length: Novella

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Rating: 5 Diamonds

Heat Level: Sensual

Other: Oral

Reviewer: S. K. Fero

Date: 8-16-10

Patricia is the sometimes rebellious, always independent daughter of the tribal leader of a race of shapeshifting cats. She knows her duty about needing to marry and mate in the customary way, but she fears losing herself. She fears giving up her independence to a traditional mate. And the mate she has agreed to marry is inflexible, arrogant and chauvinistic. “The man had irritated her with his pole-up-his-ass attitude…the man stirred her anger, but also weakened her knees and made her clit tingle” She sees her upcoming life as miserable…except she also lusts after Demitri.

Demitri is the adopted son of a shapeshifting cat race in Russia. His life is very complicated what with his not being born of the tribal leader’s blood and having to soon face a challenge to become the new leader. He needs a strong mate, one who will follow the traditional ways. Patricia isn’t really the right mate for him with her tendency not to respect the traditional lifestyle. “Once they were mated, he could help her understand the merits of tradition.” She will be a trial for him, yet she excites him like no other woman ever has.

The characters were well developed and the external and internal conflicts are good as well. The backgrounds and settings pull the reader into the story. There is a delicious romance developing between two people who think oppositely about the traditional ways, but slowly realize they aren’t as opposite as they believed. And I enjoyed how they grew to respect each other and had each other’s backs when serious trouble came about.

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