A Trick of Frost by RaeLynn Blue and Drea Riley

Title:    A Trick of Frost
Author:    RaeLynn Blue and Dréa Riley
Publisher:    Whispers Publishing
Publication Date:    12/9/10
ISBN:     831210201001
Genre  Interracial Romance
Length:   48 pages
Author Email     
Heat Level:    Sizzling
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   June 4, 2011

Two days before Christmas with her ex-husband, Rick, harassing her parents, Jaycee Froste needs a gift to lift her spirits. She stops in at her favorite restaurant, and it brings more than a hot meal. Jaycee finds herself seated across from one of the most annoying and handsome men she's ever met. She would even consider letting him taste her stew, if he hadn't stolen her reservation. With the holidays upon her, Jaycee decides the thing she needs to lift her spirits is J.C., a man who offers her so much more than she ever could have hoped.

A Trick of Frost is a fast moving enjoyable read, I immediately liked and felt for Jaycee (female). That being said I was disappointed by her and her behavior when a reservation screw up causes her to have to share a table. It took a bit longer for me to warm back up to her. I understand she was feeling like this JC had stolen her table, but I didn’t understand the downright hostility.  But as I said I did warm back up to her as the ice around her melted.

On the other hand, though presumptuous wouldn’t begin to describe JC (male), he was a gentleman to the end. And with each thing thrown in his way he proved himself as a hero. I cheered at the end when JC confronts Jaycee’s Ex Husband Rick.

This is a short story so you expect the pace to be fast and the declarations to take more then a few hours, but the writing and story were good enough that this reviewer could forgive the speed at which they moved.  The descriptions especially as Jaycee entered the restaurant took me into the moment--I knew exactly those smells and that feeling. The authors did a wonderful job taking me into their world. If you like your women strong and your men just as strong, you won’t be sorry with this one.

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