Need You Now (Martha’s Way Book #2) by Mika Jolie

Need You Now (Martha’s Way Book #2)
By: Mika Jolie
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Published: November 19, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Content: M/F, Oral Sex, Toys
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Marchelle
Date: December 30, 2014


Elementary school teacher Liliana Serrano has never been one to let others determine her future. Whether it’s her pack of three overly protective brothers or her Puerto-Rican, American heritage, she stands on her own. Which is exactly how she entered her arrangement with Adam Aquilani. The hot formula one driver is aloof, detached and not interested in relationship. After a cheating fiancé, no strings attached sex was just what she needed.

Except one year later, they’re still hooking up and things aren't so clear cut anymore. Especially when a surprise pregnancy enters the picture.
Adam is determined to marry Lily and raise their child as a family. But Lily refuses to settle for anything less than love. 

As the two go on a journey of discovering, secrets are revealed, testing the strength of their connection. 

Can they learn not to give the past the power to define their future?
Need You Now is book two of the Martha’s Way Series.

Liliana “Lily” Serrano is a second grade teacher from a close knit, traditional, Puerto Rican family. She has loving parents and three overprotective brothers who treat her as if she was still a little girl. She meets Adam Aquilani, the hot Formula One, Italian race car driver, in Book 1 of this series after discovering her fiancé has been cheating on her and breaking up with him. Adam lives life on the edge; everything he does comes with a side of danger. She is heartbroken and shattered and seeking solace. She finds it in Adam’s arms. He becomes her rebound guy and they agree to a sexual relationship with no commitment. They will not sleep with other people but either one can break it off at any time and most importantly, neither one will fall in love.

Book 2 begins over a year later, when they find themselves still enjoying each other’s company but Lily fears she has developed feelings for Adam that he does not return. Unfortunately, she also realizes she knows very little about his life and him as a person. She finds that there are some dark secrets in his past that he is unwilling to share. When she finds herself pregnant, she is afraid of his reaction. He insists on nothing less than marriage but Lily refuses to marry for anything less than true love. And she certainly won’t marry anyone who will not share every aspect of his life with her.

I thought Adam’s story was original. His fear of commitment and refusal to face his past, made him believable and sympathetic. On the surface, he’s a guy who seems to have it all. Meanwhile, he has dreams that cause him to wake up in a panic and refuse to allow him to go back to sleep, he has unhealthy ideas about taking medication and he’s being stalked by a reporter who will go to any lengths to get the story of Adam’s childhood.

Lily is such a likeable character. She’s strong and determined. She knows what she wants and she makes no apologies for it. She makes the hard choices to do what’s right for herself as well as her baby. Even though she loves Adam, she refuses to settle for anything less than everything she deserves. She walks away from him but lets him know that she will never keep him from his child.
I look forward to reading more in this series. I hope Claire’s story will be coming soon. I’m also eagerly anticipating a book for each of her hot, overprotective, alpha brothers.

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January 25, 2015 at 10:35 AM

I'm so glad Got Romance and Marchelle enjoyed Lily and Adam's love story.

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