Against the Wild by Kat Martin

Against the Wild
By: Kat Martin
Publisher: Zebra
Published: May 27, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: July 17, 2014


Alaska: Where the men are as bold and untamed as America's last wilderness...

It's been three years since Lane Bishop tragically lost her fiancé, and she's finally ready to risk her heart on someone else. The hot look in Dylan Brodie's eyes says he's going to be that man.

But when Lane flies to the remote 1930s fishing lodge to help him renovate, she discovers a little girl who won't speak, eerie legends and strange sounds in the night. And when she investigates the history of the lodge, she uncovers a legacy of injustice and murder.

As danger stalks his daughter and the woman he is coming to love, Dylan must risk everything to uncover the shocking truth.

While Against the Wind was a very good read, it wasn’t what I expected.

Dylan Brodie is the middle Brodie boy. He grew up in Alaska and has recently purchased a lodge in the Alaskan pan handle. He has the help of the locals to renovate it, but the inside he is saving for a special woman, Lane Bishop. He now has his chance to revisit their attraction and he has the perfect lure to get her to Alaska.

Lane Bishop has been attracted to Dylan since the moment she met him. She tried and tried to ignore his advances, but he has offered her a change that she can’t pass up. So off to Alaska she goes.

Lane’s visit is full of surprises and goes beyond her highest expectations. She discovers her passion again after her loss of both her mother and fiancé and finally finds a home. It’s too bad that everywhere they turn they are being bombarded by continual obstacles. Can they conquer them all; even their biggest one - their doubts and fears of how their pasts will affect their future?

So what did I expect? Well a story that was truly a standalone novel for one. Yes, the story is basically a standalone, but there are too many references that seem to be from prior novels and a different series. I found the constant referencing too distracting. My mind would wonder to what story it was, who it was about and so on. Against the Wind is book one in the Brodies of Alaska series and that is exactly what it should have been, book one. A reference or two is fine; the number in the novel was not. I’m also sad to say, short of a very extensive search I have no idea what book Dylan and Lane first met in. Very frustrating.

Besides that problem, the story was very nice. The story had mystery, romance and some suspense thrown in. I will say Ms. Martin surprised me several times with the direction of the story. I really loved that she kept me on my toes. Her characters were also very entertaining. I can say short of the characters I was supposed to hate, I adored every single one of them. Ms. Martin made them very personable and I wanted to get to know and love them all. Great job!

Even though this book was packed with mystery, romance and suspense it still felt like a light read. The atmosphere never became too deep and dark, making it perfect for a summer read. She also wrote a plot that was interesting and fun and I could almost feel like I was back in Alaska. Thank you Ms. Martin. You reminded me how beautiful the state is and how wonderful the people are. I truly miss it more after reading Against the Wild.

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