A Seal's Mission by Rachel Kall

A Seal's Mission (Love & Scandal 2)
By: Rachel Kall
Publisher: NYLA Publishing
Published: July 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Sensual
Reviewer: Marchelle
Date: August 18, 2014


When renowned journalist Rowena Murphy uncovers the biggest story of her career, she was prepared to take some risks. But when she learns that more than her life is at stake, she doesn't know who to turn to...

After Navy SEAL Scott Ranger rescued investigative reporter Rowena Murphy in Afghanistan, he thought his mission was complete. But it’s six months later, and he still can't get her out of his head. The game changes when her life is threatened once again...

As they start to uncover just how deep the conspiracy runs in Washington and abroad, Scott vows to keep Rowena and her sources safe--even if that means temporarily dropping the story. But for Rowena putting her investigation on hold isn't an option.

Loyalties are tested and passions ignite as Rowena and Scott race to complete A SEAL's MISSION.

Scott Ranger gets his first glimpse of Rowena Murphy when he and his fellow Navy Seals lead a mission to rescue her from kidnappers in Afghanistan. They don't see each other again until several months later when Scott finds out Rowena is trying to find him and shows up at her door. She opens up to him and tells him about a story she is working on that has political implications and he is unsure if he believes her - until Senators involved in the story start dying suddenly. He vows to protect her with his life until they get to the bottom of it.

Not having read the first book in this series, I was pleasantly surprised to find this book truly stands alone. There was no unfinished business from the first book that needed to be wrapped up and the characters that reappeared here were given a brief background that didn't really affect this story but did make me curious enough to make me want to read the first book.

This was a really good story. There was an unexpected twist at the end that made this unlike any other suspense story I've read. Just when I thought I had it figured out, I was pleasantly surprised to find there was more to the story. The suspicion on Scott's colleagues kept me on the edge wondering if and/or when they would be betrayed. It was nerve wracking to not know who they could trust at any given time and if they were doing the right thing.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that the focus was not on the sexual relationship between Scott and Rowena. There was a great deal of questioning "would they?" or "wouldn't they?" but it didn't take the focus away from the plot. It was kept in the background and it really drove home the seriousness of what they were facing. I think it takes away from the suspense when the characters are more worried about their feelings for each other, than the fact that someone is trying to kill them. The author didn't do that here, she kept the focus on the situation they were in and it helped to keep my interest in the story. It seemed more realistic that way.

I definitely plan to read the first book in the series and I hope the next book will give us Med's story.

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