Rendezvous with a Duke by Cerise DeLand

Rendezvous with a Duke
By: Cerise DeLand
Publisher: W J Power
Published: September 17, 2014
Genre: Historical, Romance
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: September 13, 2014


Anna Fournier never intended to fall in love. Not with any man. Especially not a duke. But Hugh Lattimer persists in courting her despite the scandal that surrounds her—and the innuendo that could ruin him.

Can she escape her past and embrace a future as Hugh's duchess? Or will the man who murdered her father return to ruin her future once and for all?

Rendezvous with a Duke is book two in the A Regency Romp Series. Both books can be read as standalones, but let me tell you – as having read Rendezvous with a Duke first, I jumped in head first to read Lady Varney’s Risqué Business and I’m so very happy I did.

Anna Fournier is a woman without a future. She has nothing to offer to a man. She enjoys her music and looks forward to the time it will help her escape her Aunt Charlotte. Knowing she is running out of time, she works hard to stay out of her Aunt’s way and to save every shilling.

Hugh Lattimer is a man who has no desire to take a wife, but the moment he hears Anna play he is intrigued. His interest is further solidified when he sets his eyes on the understated beauty. Now if he can only discover who she is.

Both Anna and Hugh cannot fight their attraction. Hugh wants everything with Anna, but she is unable to give her whole heart to him. I absolutely enjoyed that she captured her own desire and basically thumbed her nose at society and it constraints. It was a wonderful change of pace.

Rendezvous with a Duke had a Cinderella feel to it, but with a nice twist. Yes, you had the poor little orphaned girl and the rich handsome Duke, but it still held my interest tightly. You had the "evil step sister" element, but I didn’t hate her cousin Letty. She played a wonderful subtle part in the story and I was happy with her ending. It would be great to see more glimpses of her in later books, but I know she is not a central character.

Hugh was an amazing man that went after what he wanted with passion and determination. He didn't waiver from his path and never doubted they would be together. He had enough gumption to make it work for both of them. Anna was just as determined to enjoy her time with Hugh. She held true to her head not her heart. She knew that even though there was tremendous love between the two of them, she was realistic knowing that her past could devastate the duke and his reputation. She had an amazing head on her shoulders. She is smart, resourceful and a beautiful person.

Ms. DeLand wrote two very entertaining, loyal and heartwarming characters. Her ability to take a story that has been told time and time again and make it her own was brilliant. She added spice, engaging characters, and a touch of mystery. Rendezvous with a Duke is an amazing read and made me want to pick up additional sexy steamy regency reads. I tend to love this genre, but often overlook it. Ms. DeLand made me crave it even more. Thank you very much for reigniting my love of this time period and engaging me with a well written romantic story.

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