Vivi Dumas gets Dressed

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year. Why you ask? Well, I love pretending I’m someone else. Most of the time I get that thrill from reading. Now, I get it from my writing. But at Halloween, I not only can imagine myself as someone or something different, I can actually get into character by dressing up.

Growing up in a household that really didn’t promote Halloween was hard. My parents allowed us to participate and go trick-or-treating, but they refused to purchase us any costumes. My mother said she wasn’t wasting money on that stuff. Lol. That didn’t discourage me and my sisters. Well, mainly me. I’m five years older than my middle sister and eleven years older than my youngest sister, so whatever happened I was the leader.

Every year I dug through my parent’s closets to see what I could turn into a costume. Luckily for me, my Mother had a wealth of drama in her closets. The 70’s were a good time for my Mom and she apparently kept everything.

One Halloween, I think I was about eleven or twelve, I found these long sparkling dresses in the back of my Mom’s closet. I’ll never forget. One was turquoise with polka dots and spaghetti straps. It was form fitting and flowed all the way to the floor. I fell in love with that dress. LMAO! The other was red, the same style as the turquoise one.

I had long curly hair at the time and a lot of it. I let my hair out big and wild. It was a hot mess now that I think back to it. I put on a load of blue eyeshadow and dark eyeliner. I slathered my lips with the reddest lipstick I could find in my Mom’s makeup case. Last but not least, I borrowed some high heel shoes from my friend’s mom. I was ready!

I hit the streets with a bag for my candy and my little sister in tow. I vividly remember going to the first house and ringing the bell. The woman came out and looked at me strange and asked, “Who are you supposed to be?” I couldn’t believe she didn’t know who I was. I thought I had nailed this one. I proudly announced, “Diana Ross. Can’t you tell?” I leaned my head back and poked my lips out, trying to do the best Mahogany impression I could muster. The lady fell out laughing.

Halloween has always been great fun for me. Now, I get to live in my imaginary world with my demons and other supernatural beings. Halloween is a time to unleash my characters and bring them to life. This year I’m going to be the Devil from Soul Catcher. I know he’s male in the book, but why can’t the Devil choose to appear in different forms? Anyway, the costume is too sexy for me to pass up.

Remember… You’re never too old to play dress up. Embrace Halloween!

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October 13, 2010 at 1:02 PM

I've always loved to dress up! Not much for Halloween, as we live on a dead end street, no trick-or-treaters, but I do dress for the RenFaire, Pirate Festivals, scifi conventions, RT... And find a nearby mall on Halloween to watch the kiddies be escorted about. Just delightful!

October 13, 2010 at 7:47 PM

I love Halloween for an entirely different reason. It's the one time of the year I feel safe being 'me' in public. As a partial explanation, my personal fashion sense would mark me as the love child of Elton John and Lady Gaga.

So, yeah. At Halloween I can wear what I like and not get stared at. Any other time of year it's slacks and dress shirts, with golf shirts an option on days I work in the greenhouse.

I remember my first self-chosen Halloween costume. It was before my parents decided Halloween was a Bad Thing for religious reasons. I was five years old. I went as Snoopy the World War One Flying Ace. I LOVED that costume. I even marched in a little local costume parade wearing it.

And now I'm all growed up and writing a Steam Punk series set in the late Edwardian era (WWI). Daddy's finally gonna fire up the Sopwith Camel and go hunting.


October 27, 2010 at 9:48 AM

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry It took me so long to respond but missed this post. Robert - you have a copy of Salvation coming your way.

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